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Why is Russia Invading Ukraine By Prajakta Karekar

Why is Russia Invading Ukraine

By Prajakta Karekar 

In a world just been shaken widely by Covid-19, the tightened bond between Russia and Ukraine ended up in a war. To know the cause of this war, the buried graves of the insecure bond of Russia and Ukraine need to be dug up. The Kyivan Rus was established in the 800s by a group of Vikings, the Varangians, to rule over the local people. 

Kyivan Rus spanned what is now Russia and Ukraine. 

Kyiv now is the capital of Ukraine. The present capital of Russia is Moscow which was then a part of the Kyivan Rus.

As the legacy continues, Putin again claimed that Russians and Ukrainians share a brotherly bond. 

Russia has strongly been admitting to being the eldest of the two brothers. 

But the adamant  Ukrainians are against this and claim peace and harmony for their country.

Putin again invaded Ukraine in a heist to occupy the entire nation.

The editorial was published on 26 February then deleted by state news agency Ria Novosti, who had instincts that praised Russia as restoring its pre-1991 Soviet unity, gathering the so-called Russian world of Russians, Belarusians and Little Russians (Ukrainians).

The previous year, Putin has been saying that Russia and Ukraine are one nation. 

Their separation has caused the disintegration of Russian historical culture.

Vladimir Putin's demands are as follows:

  • Every war guarantees a lose-lose situation and not a win-win. To cease the bombings, Russia has demanded that Ukraine should recognise Crimea as a part of Russia.

  • Putin has warned Ukraine not to join NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and EU(European Union).

  • He wants Nato to rewind to 1997 and reverse its eastward expansion. 

  •  Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor, believes this has surpassed Nato and Putin wants a Europe dominated by him.

  • Putin is in the fixed mindset that the West has been expanding inches in the east when it has promised not to.

A consequence of the invasion of Europe: 

  • No war is peaceful for the nation of its citizens. The nuclear bombs are raining cats and dogs and millions of people have no choice but to move away from homes or due miserable death.

  • Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Slovakia are now gateways to refugees. It's as if the influx level is regulated to a higher level. 

 Nuclear risks of war: 

The nights are gruesome for armed forces families. Their experience with the forces of Russia are fresh wounds and now getting more wounded.

People who are against war have been detained and thrown into jails.

The age groups of 18-60yrs are on recruitment. 

It was not as if both the parties were prepared for war. It's sudden and just promises the downfall of both independent sovereigns. 

Putin isn't stepping back on peace and harmony which is the most essential asset to set safe boundaries for the economy of respective countries. 

World leaders need to revise lessons of history to stay in peace equilibrium. This is what needs to be preached. 

At this moment, no one is subsiding. 

Prajakta Karekar

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