Ace your Interview to Land that Dream Job by Sugandha Singh

How to Ace your Interview to Land that Dream Job?

by Sugandha Singh

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It’s okay if your palms sweat, it's okay if you are nervous and it's okay if you have an average academic record. Every interviewee experiences similar emotions.

Keeping this in mind, here are some tips that can help you tackle your emotions and questions during THAT interview and land your Dream Job.

  1. Prepare in advance: When a panel is set up to evaluate your knowledge, it takes many parameters into consideration. You need to think ahead of the projects that you have worked upon. The panel checks your verbal skills, team player abilities during that Job Interview.
    Do take a note of obvious questions arising from your very own resume and prepare to talk.

  2. Maintain a social presence: It’s not that your interviewer is looking for an influencer in the field. However, the same panel will verify if the Job Seeker has any social presence. The prime benefit of having social accounts on one or even two professional platforms is that it solidifies your candidature. The hiring company knows you are a real person and far fetched from an imposter or fraud.

  3. Control your body language: While it may not seem like it, your body language can do wonders. Provided, you include it in your Interview Preparation guide.
    Studies have shown that your body language has more communication power during an interview as compared to verbal skills. The way your eyes roll, how nervous do you look, how often do you smile and the way you dress up - everything counts when preparing for that Dream Job interview.

  4. Counter effectively: Sometimes it may happen that your panel seems to have lost interest in your candidature. This may be due to some keywords missing from your answers. Honestly, there is no way of knowing what the panellist wants to hear until you have connected with him/her.
    This is common and can happen to anyone. Hence, it becomes extremely important for a Job Seeker like you to bring back the interviewer to you with counter questions. The trick is that your words have to be professional. You cannot say something similar to - I did read it but don’t remember it now. Instead, you may go ahead with - I did come across this topic but chose to focus on the other ones. I’ll add it to my list for sure.

  5. Prepare a ViSume: Apart from preparing for the face to face interview, it is equally important to create a resume that stands out. But if facts were told, the hiring committees don’t spend much time reading the paper. So, how do you get through? - Try out a Video resume, often called as ViSume.
    This may come as a surprise to you but many companies are beginning to shortlist candidates by hearing them out via visumes, in the initial screening.  This saves them some time and they can even test basic verbal skills at an early stage.


Your panellist for your Dream Job is someone more experienced than you. He/she will try to check your several skills at one go, therefore prepare thoroughly. Take your time and include these Interview Tips. While there is no guarantee of selection, you’ll definitely be a strong candidate to say no to. All the best!

Sugandha Singh [B Tech]

Content Research | Growth Strategist| Enthusiast | Communicator | Social Worker

Ace your Interview to Land that Dream Job, by 
Sugandha Singh,  #Dream Job, #Interview Tips, #Interview reparation,#Job Interview, #Job Seeker, 
How to Ace your Interview to Land that Dream Job?  @sugandha singh Cw 

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