Best Lessons to Become A Well-Organized Business Leader

Best Lessons to Become A Well-Organized Business Leader

These are the Best Lessons to Become A Well-Organized Business Leader:

#Just get Started! Don’t wait to get it perfect. Take Some Risk

Don’t need to plan, plan and plan. If you get an idea, just execute it. I took over six months to record my first program. The next 2 took me a week. Just start. Take risk. You'll feel vulnerable, but once you start your journey, people join if you are adding value.

#Shift from ‘Just in case’ to ‘Just in Time’

So much collection of knowledge …Just in case… and then it results in wanting to consult on operations & contact centres & reputation management & cost reduction & financial crime prevention & core banking &……. All that I knew. It doesn’t work!! I just need that much that I need now.

#All paths Lead Nowhere. Choose one Goal 

Not easy to make this choice among so many. At work you wanted to show of as much as you knew. Focus on one space means ‘letting go’ of all else.

#Learn along the Way and Enjoy the Process

There is a lot to learn. It’s easy to find enough and more information on what you want to do. There are so many platforms which make writing posts, scheduling time, recording podcasts. Explore and enjoy the journey.

#Set your Own Style Standards

Set your own Style and Standards. Continuously improve yourself. You are your own competitor. Shed any false identity. Run your own race.

#Networking and Relationships at Work that Work

Do not underestimate the importance of making friends while working. Time invested in colleagues, acquaintances create a strong network which reciprocates by supporting wholeheartedly. My Podcast is one such example where they were more than happy to be guests

#Undo Corporate Conditioning

This requires unlearning. It shows up in things like making perfect Linkedin Posts, Videos, PPT Presentations. In reality, the world is large and free and all Yours.

#Hobbies for the sheer fun of it

We always loved the creativity and even in the most hectic days of managing work & home & children. We must  find time for - art, needle work, gardening & more. Could not run a full fledged Creative and Innovative Business. Must  realise when its a hobby do it for the sheer fun.

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