Mini Habits that should be followed even at Workplace By Nehha S Kotharie

 Mini Habits that should be followed even at Workplace

By Nehha S Kotharie

 -Drink 8 to 9 glasses of water every day. Dehydration causes many unprecedented health issues.

 - Drink coconut water once a day. It is a tonic for radiant and moist skin.

 - Daily 30 mins of cardio will keep up your respiratory system. I love swimming, call it relaxation or exercise.

 - Don't go for a walk as soon as you eat. Take a break of 30 mins, then go for a mild walk which is instrumental for the digestive system.

 - Don't drink water as soon as you finish your meal/fruits as it inhibits the digestion of food. Take a 30 minutes break before consuming water.

 - Walking in the garden is more beneficial than walking on the treadmill.

 - Drink 2 cups of Green Tea daily.

 - Never ever skip your Breakfast.

 - Prefer a Fruit rather than a Juice.

 - Avoid  drink Juice with ice and sugar.

 - Check your calendar as a first thing in office.

 - Greet and smile at everyone, when you enter in office.

 - Detest the evilness of a person, but never hate the person.

 -Be gracious to everything you have received so far.

 - Don't compare your salary with others. It is not a healthy habit.

 - Never discuss your personal life with colleagues. It is fatal.

 - Never bring office worries to bed. It brings insomnia.

 - Sleep on a clean bed wearing clean clothes.

 - Always help others, who are asking for help. Trust me, a person musters lots of courage before asking for assistance.

 - Never cheat somebody. Karma is a real bitch, it can bite you adversely.

 - Try to see the little kindness in people's hearts, beyond their physical appearance.

 - Instead of perfume, Wear a smile daily.

 - Try to increase your reading and writing skills a bit daily.

 - Smile when you feel like . Laugh when you want. Don't care about the judgemental nature of grumpy people, who frown upon you when they see you cheeky and cheerful.

 It seems very simple to read but it is more powerful when you inhibit this in your daily routine. Trust me you can see the difference the third day.So even when you are at office or at home these mini habits can make your life simple and you can have mental peace .

Nehha s Kotharie

Soft Skills Trainer, Graphologist, Parenting Coach.



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