Time Management Tips for Business Leaders by Nehha S Kotharie

Time Management Tips for Business Leaders

by Nehha S Kotharie 

True Time Management Tips for Business Leaders

#Do Home Work before  Start of an eMeet

#Don't Robo-Check your Email.  

#Prefer eMeet rathe Office Meet

#Stop wasting Time Writing the same Emails.  

#Organize Most Important Emails.  

#Use your Calendar, and use it wisely. 

#Ask clarifying questions at the Start of a eMeet.

#Ask clarifying questions at the End of a eMeet.

#Have a short To-Do List of your Top Priorities

Every Time you look at the clock and Regret with Annoyance : 

“How quickly the day has gone ! Why are there so few hours in the day and absolutely not enough Time ?”

Do not despair , everything can be fixed and such precious minutes and hours can be found .

Its not that business people need Time for their wwork but also they require to manage efficiently their personal life . So , here are the most practical yet effective tricks you can follow :

Set Reminders but now Audible : 

Set audible reminders for things that are tied to a specific Time .This will relieve you from glancing at your watch and unnecessary nervousness.

Consciously limit the Time you spend at work : It's high Time to limit every aspect of your life for different areas like business , relationships , friendships , hobbies , health, etc. So allot fix Time for each area according to your profile.

Leave Big Complex Tasks Unfinished : 

Do not rush to complete large and complex tasks at a Time.Remember your brain remembers incomplete actions better and subconsciously continues to think about them. If you are afraid of a difficult task, start it and delay it - while you are doing other things , many interesting ideas may come to mind. This way you won't waste your Time in work which doesn't give results faster.

Make a To-Do-List for the next day in the Evening : 

If you make a list of tasks for the next day in advance , it will help you fall asleep faster and the next day you can start working instead of thinking from where to start first.So it will help you to easily cope with anxiety and free up Time for a break.

Here are a few of  other daily Time Management habits;

#Power Meditation

#Visualization Way fo Life 

#Reading at least 10 Minutes



#Play with  Kids

Nehha S Kotharie 

Time Management Tips for Business Leaders  by Nehha S Kotharie 


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