Key Lessons that you can Learn from Successful Business Leaders By Farzana Tamannur

Key Lessons that you can Learn from Successful Business Leaders


Farzana Tamannur

#How to motivate people.

Motivating people isn't easy. 

#Improve your organisation skills. 

#Approach difficult conversations tactfully. 

#Say 'NO' constructively. 

#Embrace Change. 

#Take and Learn from Criticism. ...

#Treat People as Human and Individuals.

Whether you are a junior member of a team or at the Management level, a continual learning approach is crucial to career success.

If you desire to accelerate your growth up the career hierarchy, it is significant to see true business leaders as well as learn from their activities. This will inspire you to carry you like a leader, and it will moreover highlight variances among good as well as bad management.

Here are some Key Lessons that you can learn from Successful Business Leaders.

How to Inspire People

Considering former experiences with your leader/manager, could give you great intuitions into the precise things to say as well as do to inspire colleagues. Great managers take the time to identify their team members’ motivators and personalities, as well as how they each respond to diverse communication style. 

How to do difficult discussions

Good leaders take a diplomatic tactic to hard discussion and allow each member to express their saying. Talking over problems than ordering a change is more efficient and will permit you to build enhanced relationship with team members.

How to tell ‘No’ delicately

Good leaders distinguish how to approach the circumstances in ways that do not reason worse or upset, destroy relationships. For example, instead of saying, “I cannot do this for you”, he may say, “We would review our present priorities and workloads then come back to you next week with an offer to move this onward”. 


One thing people can learn from business leaders is the culture of the firm with healthy thought patterns, healthy lifestyles and healthy relationships. They could also learn to have a benevolent attitude to their company, confirming accurate business practices in alliance with nature's law.

Farzana Tamannur

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