Conflict Management by Business Leaders by Darshana Khandelwal

Conflict Management by Business Leaders

by   Darshana Khandelwal 

Many conflicts in the workplace reflect genuine disagreements about Working Style and Goals. Other circumstances that can lead to workplace Conflicts include:

#Poor Communication

#Differences in Personality

#Unequally distributed Resources

#Unclear Job Roles


#Systemic Changes


#Workforce Slowdowns

It is the duty of the Business Leader to effectively Manage Conflict at the workplace that tend to occur usually among the employees. Work to win signifies that a Leader could win only when he has the ability to handle the issues, can make effective decisions and be collaborative with the employees.

The Business Leaders should never make biased and hasty decisions as it could result in Conflict and this will lower the productivity and efficiency of the employees within the organization. The various strategies that could be used by the Business Leaders to effectively Manage the Conflict at the workplace.

#Identifying the Root Cause of the Problem

A Business Leader should first know the root cause of the problem due to which the Conflict has occurred among the employees before taking any further Action to resolve it. A Leader is considered successful if he will work effectively and has clear vision and objectives to win. It is important to first listen and then provide the appropriate solution for that problem.

 The Business Leaders must know

Different ways to Manage,

The Conflict at the Workplace

#Establishing Two - Way Communication

Conflict tends to arise at the workplace among the employees mainly due to the poor communication. The Leaders must encourage all the employees to provide good suggestions and express their ideas to fulfill the responsibilities and accomplish their goals and tasks. Communication among the employees must be precise and clear in order to avoid Conflict in the organization.

#Correct Timing

When it comes to managing the Conflict at the workplace the Leaders should take Actions on Time. The Business Leader could take Action when he is having the evidence that the employee has done something wrong and due to his mistake Conflict has arised and will going to affect the performance of an organization negatively. Time is one of the significant factors that would allow the Leaders in achieving the goals by working effectively and make him win and successful.

Taking Right Actions on

Right Time would,

Help in Resolving

The Conflicts

Darshana Khandelwal

Conflict Management by Business Leaders

by   Darshana Khandelwal

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