Habits of Successful Business Leaders by Rabsimar Kaur

 Habits of Successful Business Leaders            ~Rabsimar Kaur

Some people make their success look effortless and even spontaneous or accidental, but behind every polished facade is a discipline and work ethic that anchors an impressive professional performance. Becoming a successful entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight. While it’s possible to gain short-term success quickly, turning that into long-term success requires a mindset shift. 

Not everyone can lead a huge company to success, but those who do share some unique habits. It’s not enough to work long hours; those hours have to be put to good use. 

So what actually are the habits that can lead to success?

How can we develop them?

1) Determine your peak intelligence time.

Every person can work well at a specific time when their mind is full of ideas and the mind gives maximum productivity. Are you a night owl, or a morning person? When is the time you think your mind can give maximum output. Select that time and always try to work on your projects at that time to get maximum productivity.Entrepreneurs should embrace their ability to set their own schedules and focus on working when they are most effective.

2) Focus on time management

It is really easy to get diverted from your tasks every time you have many tasks to complete. Leaders have a long to-do list every day. To avoid this common problem, leaders need to be proactive about time management. Doing so will ensure that tasks don't fall through the cracks, that you're focused on the right priorities, that you're modeling good habits, and that you're meeting all commitments.

How can we do it?

↪️Schedule your time the night before. 

↪️Delegate whenever possible. 

↪️Plan for focused periods of work time. 

↪️Schedule the hardest tasks early in the day. 

3) Get to work early

Getting in early gives leaders time to organize their thoughts, handle a few mundane tasks, and respond to email before the busyness of the day begins. Also, even when working remotely, "getting to work early" will help to focus your day, ensure that you're addressing any last-minute changes to the day, and model good habits, no matter what the working situation. 

4)Be proactive, develop active listening skills, and reach out to peers for advice. 

The habits we have seen as being most beneficial and effective are;

↪️Being proactive and taking the lead. This ensures that you want to take accountability of tasks.

↪️To be a successful leader, one should be an active listener as well. Active listening ensures that the emotional motivators for a potential member are deepened during the conversation.

↪️Peer-to-peer conversation in a win-win mode as it gives you insights about your business by other members and you learn other people's perspectives.

5)Take care of your Physical, Emotional, and Psychological Well-being.

Leading during the Pandemic has fostered and taught us the importance of being mindful of our physical, emotional, and psychological health. All of us should form new resilience-building practices like a commitment to exercise regularly, more purposeful efforts to eat and sleep better, and stepping away from work for quality family time and time to re-invest in our personal growth. 

Great leaders get the most out of their teams and ensure that their businesses continue to grow and develop no matter what challenges they face. While being a strong leader is not easy, the good news is that there are some habits that anyone can adopt to be a better leader. Start with these five habits to become a better leader now. 

Rabsimar Kaur

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