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Increase Your Self- Productivity By Nehha s Kotharie

Increase Your Self- Productivity

By Nehha s Kotharie

#Follow Technique Standard of the Day

#Productivity is Tool for Development

#Review Your Goals Daily

#Figure out Important Tasks

Higher Productivity is today’s need to meet customer expectations and advancement in this era of globalization. In a formal sense, productivity refers to how well an organization converts input into goods and services/outputs. Basically increasing productivity means working smarter.

Any successful business or project requires a great plan and talented hardworking people to make it happen but workplace productivity and the ultimate effectiveness of your efforts greatly influence how far and fast you can go to maximize productivity. You need a clear plan for what and how things need to happen to achieve a certain goal.

Without a clear blueprint employees are consistently productive so here is a  tech to help maintain a high level of self-discipline and productivity. This technique is named “standard of the day”. Its essence is to make a list of requirements that must be met for each day lived and try to comply with these requirements.

STEP 1: Make a list of standards to think about under what condition is your day effective? What rules must you follow and what tasks must you accomplish? There should not be many standards. 3 and 7 are sufficient,  writing down is really important and helps you to achieve your goals.

STEP 2: Create “quests”. We now need to convert our standards into daily tasks (quests).

STEP 3 : Mark your effective days. Mark the days in your calendar when all the “Quests” have been completed. If at least one ‘quest’ is not completed, the day cannot be marked.

STEP 4: Raise your standards. The standards of the day technique can be an excellent self-development tool. With this help, we can gradually change our lifestyle and our habits.

Whether your goal is getting more money or achieving a perfect work-life balance, the more productive you are, the faster you can achieve your goal and the more satisfied you’ll feel at the end of it. 

Don’t forget to give yourself a pat at the back when you achieve your goals and reward yourself! You deserve it.

 Nehha s Kotharie

Soft Skills Trainer, Graphologist, Parenting Coach.



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