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Human Behavior for Business Leaders by Darshana Khandelwal

Human Behavior for Business Leaders

by   Darshana Khandelwal 

Leaders are responsible for managing the operations of an organization. To become an effective Business Leader he must have the following traits – Endurance, Knowledge, Integrity, Creativity and Imagination that would assist in making the organization successful.

Human Behavior could be defined as the expressed capacity and the potential of the individuals to respond towards both the internal and external stimuli. Some of the key Behavioral concepts for Business Leaders have been listed below.

#Group Thinking

The phenomenon in which the Group of persons collectively takes the decisions and reaches the common goal. Leaders must take appropriate decisions for the fulfillment of common goals and objectives at the workplace for the successful operations of an organization.

Number of Persons

Gathered together,

Result into the formation

Of a Group

#Halo Effect

It is one of the key concepts of Human Behavior that causes individuals to become biased in the judgments. The most essential part of the halo effect is the physical appearance. For example – In a Group of five members who are dressed properly the Leader can think that the person is more competent as compared to other members in the same Group.

#Observational Learning

The way in which the Leader will go to work all the employees will tend to follow him in the same way. Learning always begins with observation. It could be referred to as imitating others by observing them and behaving similarly. Observational learning consists of these stages – Attention, Retention, Reproduction and Reinforcement.

Age is not a Barrier,

For Learning

New things every day

Darshana Khandelwal

Human Behavior for Business Leadersby   Darshana Khandelwal  #Human #Behavior #Group #Business #Leader

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