Forgiving is Moving On By Jhuma Ahona CW

 Forgiving is Moving On

By Jhuma Ahona CW

“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth “sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Yes, but revenge cannot give you mental peace. In personal life as well as in workplace, we do feel like striking back. But strike back my improving yourself, strike back by being the most successful person. Although it sounds very mechanical since most common people say easy to say hard to do.

Professionally the key to success is to stay motivated by forgiving and forgetting, but not deviating from your focus. In work what your boss said and how your boss said but the focus should not have deviated. Work, work and work till you succeed this is how you should take revenge.

This is the actual way how you forgive and move on. Keep one thing in mind people will keep on talking all you need to do is ignore them. The funniest thing in life is when people start talking about you that means you are reaching the level of success.

Forgiving and moving on does not mean you deviate from your focus and ignore your boss or senior in workplace. This is how you handle and be free and self-motivated in workplace.

But handling personal issues is real difficult at times. Sometimes betrayal in personal life cannot be forgiven. Their lies becomes a difficulty but you can overcome that as well by making yourself strong and not reacting to that . In life silence is also an answer. Focus on yourself, try to do meditation and concentrate in yourself.

Moving on is loving yourself. Falling in love with own self is a unique process of moving on rather than harping on the same issue. Start taking care of yourself and improve yourself physically and mentally. Meditation helps you improve your mental health; yoga also plays a key role. Focus in your work also which will help you develop your esteem. Talk to yourself questioning yourself “what should be done to make yourself the best?”

So revenge is not the answer silence is the best answer.

Jhuma Ahona CW

Appreciation is an Age-Old Parenting Skill By Urvashi Arya #PositiveKids #PositiveParenting #AppreciativeKIds #Parenthood #BehaviouralParents

Appreciation is an Age-Old Parenting Skill

By Urvashi Arya






Do you have a youngster who is constantly vying for your attention? Does their constant need for attention depress and overwhelm you at times? If that's the case, you're not alone. In families, attention-seeking is likely the most common misbehavior.

"Look at me, Mum," and its many permutations, develop a nervous habit that annoys parents. It's great to offer your undivided attention to your children, but there are limits to how much you can provide. Unfortunately, seeking attention becomes a hard-to-break pattern of behavior.

Children who demand attention all of the time are often shunned. Their thinking is that "I am not good enough."

According to Balson, the remedy to discouragement was to enhance the amount of encouragement a kid or young person received.

Encouragement focuses on the processes of improvement, effort, enjoyment, and participation and means "to give heart or courage."

The last of these processes, contribution, is the most powerful. In most cases, children belong to their families in two ways. They are either active members or have a reputation for bad behavior. If a child is known for bad behavior, their usual mode of operation is "If I'm not appreciated, at least they'll know I'm here."

Is it more important to be noticed or to be appreciated? There is no competition. When it comes to making youngsters feel good about themselves, sincere appreciation is the real deal.

Why does gratitude work?

Appreciation is a powerful motivator. Even teens, though their faces may not indicate it, will typically respond to a parent's compliments.

There's a link between appreciation and the elderly brain. Our old brain, often known as our survival brain, is responsible for keeping us secure. Because our safety can only be guaranteed if we are a part of a group, parental admiration helps children feel safe, keeping them from resorting to negative attention-seeking behavior to feel included.

Appreciation is approval taken to the next level.

I admire what you do and express support. Appreciation entails a lot more. It demonstrates how one person's behavior affects another on an emotional level, which has a more significant influence.

Appreciation is an excellent method to influence a child's behavior positively. "Thank you so much for putting away your toys without asking. It makes everything so much easier for me." A child's dopamine (feel-good chemical) response is frequently elicited by this type of comment, which means they are more inclined to repeat the behavior to mimic the experience.

What is the process of appreciation?

When it comes to expressing gratitude, there are four rules to keep in mind:

It has to be meaningful.

For appreciation to be practical, it must be genuine and tied to a specific action.

It should inform the youngster about the emotional consequences of their actions.

Your child should be able to tell that their actions have made you happy, whether through words ("It makes me happy") or nonverbals (a grin, a hug, or a high-five).

It has to be authentic.

You can't fake sincerity with a child or a young person because they are generally good mood detectives.

It's preferable if the variances are minor.

Appreciation isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Appreciation should be expressed in a manner that is appropriate for the situation and your child. Consider drafting a thank-you message to express your gratitude for something exceptional. Boys prefer personal encouragement over public recognition, so consider when and when you encourage them.

Advantageous side effects

There are numerous advantages to expressing gratitude for specific behavior. A positive parent comment contributes to a healthy, happy family environment. Appreciation may change both the giver and the receiver's moods, and it's a behavior that can be passed down through generations if youngsters practice it. As a result, parent appreciation is a behavior that may be learned at any age.

Urvashi Arya   

Content Writer - Vantage ITeS Consulting | LinkedIn

Appreciation is an Age-Old Parenting Skill

By Urvashi Arya 






Fathers Day need to be Celebrated every day, not only for a day in a Year By Urvashi Arya

 Fathers Day need to be Celebrated every day, not only for a day in a Year

By Urvashi Arya


#positive Parenting




Being a father is a crucial role that is rarely acknowledged. Can we take a moment to honor Dad? If you're a father reading this, I want you to know that you're important! Quite a bit. Science and psychology support it, but most importantly, you demonstrate it daily by standing in the gap for your family in this world. Every day you lead, love, provide for, protect, and teach them, you complete the most important responsibility you will ever be given: fatherhood.

I'd like to openly discuss the issues that males confront and offer practical solutions. If you've come this far, it's because you care as much as we do about your family's success. Here are five key attributes a motivated father instills in his children in your honor.

1. Perseverance:

You spark your child's motivation. You never give up on them, no matter how difficult things become. And you keep pushing them to do better, work harder, care more deeply, and achieve their full potential. Our children aspire to please us. "My father gave me the greatest gift somebody could ever give another person: he believed in me," says one of my favorite quotes. — Jim, Coach

2. Moral Compass:

 Is the part of Our moral obligation is to teach our children the difference between good and wrong. We do so by leading by example. We don't just tell them how to live; we model it for them every day. "Start youngsters beginning on the right path, and they will not stray even when they are old," the wise Proverbs advises.

3. Consistency:

As parents, we have little influence over medical issues or chemical imbalances. The presence of and relationship with one's father, on the other hand, is critical to a child's mental health if they are otherwise healthy. 'Daddy troubles' isn't just a slang term. It's true. Never relinquish your power and responsibility as a parent to your children. The wrong things will try to fill the gap that has been left behind. Maintain your composure.

4. Self-control:

You're delivering consequence to activity by filling your natural disciplinary function. Parental discipline is a delicate balancing act of nurturing and order. We establish clear standards, rigorously enforce rules, and instill personal responsibility. We acquired respect not by yelling or bullying but by simply assuring that good and bad actions would have consequences.

5. Assuring Safety:

The world seems enormous in the eyes of a small child. Dad, you're the same way. You're the Man of Steel. We value that position and work hard to earn it every day. Love is the source of all security. Continue to love your family.

Urvashi Arya   

Content Writer - Vantage ITeS Consulting | LinkedIn

Business Influencer Marketing

Business Influencer Marketing

  • #Business Influencer Marketing is not about celebrity status

  • #What are Business influencers

  • #What is Business Influencer Marketing

  • #Why it's useful

  • #How it works

In the film, The Matrix, Morpheus the mentor drags Neo from his comfortable existence in a fabricated reality into a gritty existence in the Real World.

Neo is willing, but not all of Morpheus’s crew like what the Real World has on offer.

They would prefer to clamber back into their comfortable old ways, relying on billboards and big shots to tell them what to do and how to live. 

It’s an old movie now, but The Matrix was prescient about one thing: the Real World is better, it’s more trustworthy and it’s built on a foundation of community rather than celebrity.

In the old days of the advertising industry, we used celebrities to endorse brands because people trusted and admired them.

That world lasted many decades, but since social media and the rise of influencers, trust in celebrities has declined rapidly.

The latest research on trust and who influences changes in people’s behaviours demonstrates that we’re more likely to trust an Influencer - with a body of work that demonstrates their expertise - than a random celebrity. 

In Business, influencers tend to be people who have developed expertise in specific industries or activities.

And they share their tips, tricks and templates to help others.

They have a community that is built around that generosity of ideas, and they provide feedback to those who reach out for advice.  

When a Business Influencer has developed their audience to a point that they have won the confidence and credibility that comes with communication about their territory, they become the Morpheus of their expertise.

We Trust them.

We Admire them.

And if they tell us to take the red pill - the one that lets us know what’s happening in the Real World - then we take that red pill, willingly.  

Business influencers have a community that is built around that generosity of ideas, and they provide feedback to those who reach out for advice. 

This is when a Business Influencer can be most useful for a company.

Their audience is, of course, valuable. But they can also advise companies on how best to position a product or a service in a way that’s going to meet market demand.

They frame an understanding of products in a way that will make the most sense for a target customer segment, and they know how best to get engagement with that segment, to achieve what’s needed in a Marketing strategy.

Business Influencer Marketing is the chance that companies have to tap into the connection that these influencers have with their audiences. 

It’s what works in an age when celebrity endorsement is no longer effective.

And it’s much more affordable than celebrity endorsement ever was, anyway.  

You don’t have to be a big company either.

A Business Influencer can help small Businesses and micro-Businesses access and engage audiences in a way that works for both the Influencer and the audience.

The Morpheus for your target segment is out there.

If you want to join the Real World of Marketing, connect with a Business Influencer today.

The more you Read, the Healthier you become.📖 by ✍🏼Dr.Kallyani Manik Masade

The more you Read, the Healthier you become.📖

by ✍🏼Dr.Kallyani Manik Masade

✅Whenever you read a book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.

Ever since humans have written and read books, we have had an intuitive understanding of their healing powers and today Science is there to back that hunch up with the facts.

It's a fascinating fact, isn't it? 

That letters on books, papers, forming stories can cure our pain and severe illnesses?

📚 Reading gives muscle to your memory. While the brain isn’t actually a muscle, it can still provide your brain  that power to maneuver your energy to fix your psyche. 

♦️Reading had always been a part of my life.

I was and I'm very motivated to research and share why reading can improve one's health. 

It sounds far-fetched, but at heart I am a passionate writer and you must be a good reader before achieving a title of good writer.

Eventually I realized that Reading could also factor in me reaching my health goals and I decided to delve myself into therapeutic research.

♦️My aim was to study the effects of reading in order to promote the health and quality of life while achieving the good prognosis of chronic diseases.

♦️Reding is the most beneficial exercise for our brain and mind as it could help the human brain perform all its functions as properly as possible.

When we read on a regular basis, we force our minds to  think more. 

♦️As a result it enables reader to be more insightful. 

♦️It should be noted that reading is a complex process during which we use both the hemispheres of the brain.

At the same time, the corpus callosum, which is the tissue that connects the two hemispheres, is activated.

Thereby, it contributes to a better exchange of information between them. Reading books can be beneficial even for cardiovascular and respiratory systems owing to the fact it activates the frontal lobe, from which all the automatic functions of body regulate, such as breathing or heart function.

*It helps people reduce stress. 

*It helps in increasing concentration.

*It helps combat insomnia. 

*It helps treat strokes.

*It helps obesity prevention.

And Much more.

♦️According to our research in recent months, reading during illness provides very effective benefits for speedy recovery of the Health.

♦️My current study  hypothesized that book reading provides a survival advantage to severely ill patients and this advantage is mediated by cognitive engagement.

♦️I have had particularly  studied the clinical effects of Bibliotherapy, in which we had used books as a therapeutic aid to solve Chinico-psychological problems .

bibliotherapy includes a variety of ways in which books can be used as a therapeutic aid to solve personal problems, guided by a specialis. 

It is a medium through which literature is used to help people overcome emotional and social difficulties.

With immense pleasure would like to share that we have got very good results especially for Patients suffering from chronic diseases and psychiatric disorders.

♦️Scientific conferences organized across the globe are a great way out for students and people of respective fields.

In the recent past, I participated in the 80'th International Scientific Conference for young scientists and students of experimental and clinical medicine with my topic of research being  *Use of Reading as a therapy while treating chronic illnesses

♦️The conference not only gave me an acquaintance with the magnificent  Scientific community but also selected my research paper for publication in the international scientific journal of 2022-23.

This opportunity led me on securing the second position.

♦️I would love to mention that the level of organization of the conference was really high and we were pleased with the active discussion of reports which indicates that the topics were really relevant and interesting. 

Thanks to scientists of the Expert's commission for felicitating me with the special diploma for this research work.

♦️It really helped me to stay upto date with the ever evolving field of Medicine. 

It is always a pleasure to experience the full benefit of participating in the medical conferences for presenting your hard work and to seek abundance of knowledge.

📖Generally, a book seeks nothing, in return, from the reader, as patiently waits to offer its informaton, take a person out of predicament and transport a reader to magical worlds.  

♦️Individuals must remember that a book can be a game, treasure, happiness  celebration and now A KEY TO GOOD HEALTH TOO

Let's read and be more healthy !!!📚📖

✍🏼Dr.Kallyani Manik Masade

Volgograd State Medical University and Research Institute, 

Volgograd Oblast, Russian Federation.

आपण जितके जास्त वाचाल तितके आपण निरोगी व्हाल.📖

 ✅जेव्हा तुम्ही एखादे पुस्तक वाचता, तेव्हा जगात कुठेतरी एक अदृश्य दार उघडले जाते जेणेकरून ज्ञानाचा अधिक प्रकाश तुमच्यावर पडेल. 

जेव्हापासून मानवांनी पुस्तके लिहिली आणि वाचन संस्कृतीला सुरुवात झाली,तेव्हापासूनच  मानवप्राण्याला त्यांच्या उपचार शक्तीची अनुभवी समज असल्याचे  दिसून येते आणि आज विज्ञानाने सुद्धा तर्क-तथ्यांच्या आधारे हे सिद्ध केले आहे.

हे एक आकर्षक तथ्य आहे, नाही का? की पुस्तकांवरची अक्षरे, कथा,कविता वाचून आपल्या वेदना आणि गंभीर आजार बरे होऊ शकतात???

 📚 वाचनामुळे तुमच्या स्मरणशक्तीला स्नायू मिळतात.  

मेंदू हा प्रत्यक्षात एक स्नायू नसला तरीही वाचन हे तुमच्या मेंदूला तुमची बिघडलेली मानसिकता सुधारण्यासाठी आणि तुमची उर्जा योग्यप्रकारे वापरण्यासाठी शक्ती प्रदान करू शकते.

 ♦️वाचन हे नेहमीच माझ्या आयुष्याचा एक अविभाज्य भाग राहिले आहे.

वाचनाने एखाद्याचे आरोग्य का सुधारू शकते यावर संशोधन आणि अभ्यास करण्यासाठी मी फार पूर्वीपासून उत्सुक होते आणि योगायोग म्हणजे अशी संधीदेखील चालून आली म्हणूनच गतवर्षीपासून यावर काम करायला सुरुवात केली आणि दिवसागणिक उलगडत गेले की हा विषय विचार केला होता त्यापेक्षाही फार सखोल आणि रंजक आहे.

खरंतर मी एक फारच सामान्य लेखनशैली असलेली मुलगी, पण उत्तम वाचक मात्र नक्कीच आहे.

लहानपणापासून ग्रंथसंपदा वाचतेय, शिकतेय,रसग्रहण करतेय त्यामुळे कालांतराने स्वानुभवातून अनेकदा मला जाणवले की हीच वाचनाची सवय माझ्या उत्तम आरोग्याची उद्दिष्टे गाठण्यासाठी देखील उपयोगी ठरतेयं.  

ज्यामुळे एक विचार मनात घर करून गेला की या संदर्भातील का आणि कसे शोधण्याचा प्रयत्न करयचा.

आणि म्हणूनच स्वतःला या विषयावरील उपचारात्मक संशोधनात सहभागी करून घेण्याचे ठरवले.

 ♦️प्रदीर्घ आजारांचे चांगले निदान साध्य करताना आरोग्य आणि जीवनाची गुणवत्ता वाढवण्यासाठी वाचनाच्या परिणामांचा अभ्यास करणे हे माझे उद्दिष्ट होते.

 ♦️वाचन हा आपल्या मेंदू आणि मनासाठी सर्वात फायदेशीर व्यायाम आहे कारण तो मानवी मेंदूला त्याची सर्व कार्ये शक्य तितक्या योग्यरित्या करण्यास मदत करू शकतो.

जेव्हा आपण नियमितपणे वाचतो तेव्हा आपण आपल्या मनाला अधिक विचार करण्यास भाग पाडतो.

परिणामी, ते वाचकांना मानसिक पटलावर सक्षम बनवण्यात मदत करते.

 ♦️📖वाचन ही एक जटिल प्रक्रिया आहे ज्या दरम्यान आपण मेंदूच्या दोन्ही गोलार्धांचा वापर करतो.

 त्याच वेळी, कॉर्पस कॅलोसम, जी दोन गोलार्धांना जोडणारी ऊतक आहे, सक्रिय होते. त्याद्वारे, ते त्यांच्या दरम्यान माहितीची अधिक चांगली देवाणघेवाण करण्यास योगदान देते.  

पुस्तके वाचणे हृदय व रक्तवाहिन्यासंबंधी आणि श्वसन प्रणालींसाठी देखील फायदेशीर ठरू शकते कारण ते फ्रन्टल लोब सक्रिय करते, ज्यामधून श्वासोच्छ्वास किंवा हृदयाचे कार्य यासारख्या शरीराची सर्व स्वयंचलित कार्ये नियंत्रित होतात.

 *त्यामुळे लोकांचा ताण कमी होण्यास मदत होते.

 *एकाग्रता वाढवण्यास मदत होते.

 * हे निद्रानाशाचा सामना करण्यास मदत करते.

 * हे स्ट्रोकवर उपचार करण्यास मदत करते.

 *लठ्ठपणा टाळण्यास मदत होते.

 आणि बरेच काही.

 ♦️मागील काही महिन्यांतील आमच्या संशोधनानुसार, आजारपणात चांगले वाचन केल्याने गंभीर प्रकृती असलेले काही रूग्ण नियमित कालावधीपेक्षा लवकर बरे होताना निरीक्षणातून स्पष्ट झाले.

 ♦️माझ्या गतवर्षीपासून चालेलेल्या काही रूग्णांवरील निरिक्षण व  अभ्यासाने प्रामुख्याने असे लक्षात आले की पुस्तक वाचनामुळे गंभीर आजारी रुग्णांना जगण्याची उर्मी मिळण्यास मदत होते आणि हा फायदा संज्ञानात्मक व्यस्ततेमुळे होतो. उपचार प्रक्रियेत यामुळे गती मिळाली.

 ♦️मी विशेषतः बिब्लियोथेरपीच्या नैदानिक ​​​​परिणामांचा अभ्यास केला आहे, ज्यामध्ये आम्ही मानसिक समस्यांचे निराकरण करण्यासाठी उपचारात्मक मदत म्हणून पुस्तकांचा वापर केला होता.

 बिब्लियोथेरपीमध्ये विविध पद्धतींचा समावेश आहे ज्यामध्ये एखाद्या तज्ञाद्वारे मार्गदर्शन केलेल्या वैयक्तिक समस्यांचे निराकरण करण्यासाठी पुस्तके उपचारात्मक मदत म्हणून वापरली जाऊ शकतात.

 हे एक माध्यम आहे ज्याद्वारे लोकांना भावनिक आणि सामाजिक अडचणींवर मात करण्यासाठी साहित्याचा वापर केला जातो.

 📖आणि अत्यंत आनंदाने सांगू इच्छिते की, विशेषत: प्रदीर्घ आजार आणि मानसिक विकारांनी ग्रस्त असलेल्या रुग्णांसाठी आम्हाला खूप चांगले परिणाम या थेरपीद्वारे मिळाले आहेत.

 ♦️आरोग्य क्षेत्रातील विद्यार्थी आणि डाॅक्टर्ससाठी जगभरात आयोजित वैज्ञानिक परिषदा हे एक उत्तम व्यासपीठ असतात.

अलीकडच्या काळात वैद्यकशास्त्रील शास्त्रज्ञ, डॉक्टर्स आणि प्रायोगिक आणि क्लिनिकल मेडिसीनच्या विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी 80' व्या आंतरराष्ट्रीय वैज्ञानिक परिषदेत सहभाग घेतला होता ज्यात माझा संशोधनाचा विषय होता *दीर्घकालीन आजारांवर उपचार करताना वाचनाचा 'थेरपी' म्हणून वापर व त्याचे परिणाम📚✍🏼

 ♦️परिषदेने आंतरराष्ट्रीय पातळीवर माझ्या संशोधनपर कार्याची भव्यदिव्य वैज्ञानिक समुदायाला केवळ ओळखच करून दिली नाही तर वर्ष 2022-23 च्या आंतरराष्ट्रीय क्लिनीकल वैज्ञानिक जर्नलमध्ये प्रकाशनासाठी माझा शोधनिबंध देखील निवडला तसेच यावर्षीच्या सगळ्या शोधनिबंधांमधून मला द्वितीय पुरस्काराबरोबरच, या विषयावरील क्लिनीकल कार्याची दखल घेत विशिष्ट डिप्लोमा देखील प्रदान करण्यात आला.

 ♦️मला हे नमूद करायला आवडेल की,परिषदेच्या संघटनेची पातळी खरोखरच वाखाणण्याजोगी होती.

अहवाल सादरीकरणानंतर झालेल्या मुलाखत आणि प्रश्नोत्तरांतून अनेक गोष्टी नव्याने उलगडत गेल्या. 

 ♦️अशा वैज्ञानिक परिषदांमुळे मला वैद्यकशास्त्राच्या सतत विकसित होत असलेल्या क्षेत्राशी अद्ययावत राहण्यास मदत होते.

तुमचे मेहनतीने केलेले अभ्यासपूर्ण कार्य त्या त्या क्षेत्रातील जाणकार मंडळींपुढे मांडण्यासाठी आणि भरपूर ज्ञान मिळवण्यासाठी वैद्यकीय परिषदांमध्ये सहभागी होऊन सर्वतोपरी फायदा अनुभवणे नेहमीच आनंददायी ठरते.

 📖सरतेशेवटी इतकच सांगावसं वाटतं की, एखादे पुस्तक वाचकाकडून काहीही मागत नाही,ते फक्त भरभरून देतं राहतं  आपल्याला.

पुस्तक हे त्याची माहिती देण्यासाठी, एखाद्या व्यक्तीला संकटातून बाहेर काढण्यासाठी आणि वाचकाला जादुई जगाकडे नेण्यासाठी संयमाने वाट पाहत असतं.

 ♦️एव्हाना आपल्याला कळलयं की चांगलं वाचन हे खेळ, खजिना, आनंदाचा उत्सव आणि आता चांगल्या आरोग्याची गुरुकिल्ली पण ठरू शकते.

 चला वाचूया आणि अधिक निरोगी होऊया !!!📚📖

 ✍🏼डॉ. कल्याणी माणिक मसादे.(वर्धा,महाराष्ट्र)

 व्होल्गोग्राड स्टेट मेडिकल युनिव्हर्सिटी आणि रिसर्च इन्स्टिट्यूट, व्होल्गोग्राड ओब्लास्ट, रशियन फेडरेशन