Are you Depressed? Here are some Options for You to Consider By Urvashi Arya

Are you Depressed? Here are some Options for You to Consider

By Urvashi Arya





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Do you have stomach clenches? Do you have a sinking feeling in your stomach? Do you have a clutter of negative thoughts in your head? Do you ever have suicidal thoughts? Then you're suffering from depression. Depression is a huge problem that leads to fatalities and suicides worldwide. When people feel depressed, they cannot cope with it and convey it to others. Even well-known celebrities suffer from depression, which can lead to suicide.

Depression is a mental state. It is a transient mental illness. It entails negative self-talk, which depletes one's energy and enthusiasm. There's a distinction to be made between melancholy and depression. Sadness lasts a short time. However, depression lasts a long time. Sadness is a fleeting emotion. However, depression is a persistent and uncontrollable bad emotion. As a result, depression might be described as a continuation of sadness. It's an unregulated stage of sadness in which people keep thinking about their bad memories or experiences. Here are some depression symptoms: feeling useless and helpless; doubting abilities, low energy, loss of interest in work, irritation and isolation; eating problems, and sleeping difficulties, to name a few.

Depression has several causes.

Too many people across the world are suffering from depression. Most people are afraid of losing their social status or being shunned by society if they reveal. They are hesitant to reveal because they fear that people would be overly sympathetic to them, which they do not appreciate. As a result, people suffer in silence from depression.

There are numerous reasons for depression. Here are a few examples. Some of the key causes are volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). The majority of people are at ease with certainty. In Conclusion, people stay in their comfort zones, not promoting human development. When people are eager to advance, they face numerous obstacles. They struggle to cope, which can lead to depression.

Another cause of depression is the rapid advancement of technology. People have become technological slaves. They do not use it wisely. When people compare themselves to outstanding performers, they become depressed because they cannot grow. They have no idea how many remarkable achievers have gone through to get to this point. It can also be attributed to hereditary factors, such as a family history of depression.

How can you beat depression?

There is nothing wrong with depression, but neglecting to recognize it and take proper remedies promptly is. Depression is a kind of mental illness in which people are overwhelmed by negative or unpleasant thoughts. They will be able to overcome if they promptly take corrective action by transforming their negative thoughts into positive ones.

  • Be positive and confident. The force of life is faith. As a result, believe in yourself.

  • Problems are inevitable therefore don't be overly sensitive to them.

  • Don't be afraid and ashamed to talk about your depression with others. To communicate your inner emotions and feelings, talk to friends and relatives.

  • Avoid becoming caught in a vicious circle. Instead, surround yourself with encouraging people. The way a person makes friends and dresses is used to judge them. To create happy vibrations, choose healthy friends and wear comfy clothing.

  • Do things that make you feel energized and joyful.

  • Set objectives for yourself and stick to them. Divide them into long and short-term objectives. Break down short-term goals into daily goals and work on them regularly. It keeps you focused on your objectives, preventing despair.

  • Spend some time in the woods.

  • Develop creative interests.

  • Physical interaction is preferred over virtual interaction.

  • Participate in social and cooperative activities. Spend your free time helping others through charity organizations. It offers you a great sense of fulfillment and purpose in life.

  • Regularly meditate to keep your emotions and ideas in check.

  • Meditation calms your mind and regulates your emotions.

  • Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided.

  • Every day, practice breathing exercises. More oxygen reaches your mind when you inhale and exhale deeply, reducing tension and anxiety.

  • Allow yourself some time in the sun every day. It provides vitamin D and helps to strengthen your bones.

  • Allow your mind to rest properly through sleeping.

  • Use technology with caution. It is now necessary to update and upgrade your technologies. However, avoid being addicted to technology. Make it your servant, but don't make it your slave.

  • Failures are stepping stones to your next success. Therefore, don't be afraid of them. And don't be concerned about the outcome as long as you have given it. You are all.

  • Don't compare yourself to other high performers. Some people achieve success early, while others achieve success later. When you work hard and put up the consistent effort, you will succeed. You are a one-of-a-kind individual and a gift from God to the world. As a result, don't judge others.

  • Develop an optimistic outlook when confronted with difficulties. Accept that many things are beyond our ability to control. As a result, being overly concerned about issues that cannot be controlled is pointless. Accept that everything takes its own time to conclude. Certain issues can only be settled when the time comes. Focus on your productive and creative activities till then.

  • Develop a grateful disposition. Thank everyone that assisted you and built the foundation for your achievement.

  • To forgive others, you must have a huge heart. Revenge destroys your life. However, forgiveness improves your attitude and makes you stand taller in the world.

  • Wed spiritualism and avoid workaholism.

  • Maintain a work-life balance.

Follow the health-first, education-second, and wealth-third mindset.

If you think it's too much for you to manage and have suicidal thoughts frequently, see a competent mental health practitioner.

A strong family connection is crucial to outstanding people's success. Family provides emotional support to you amid your struggles and tribulations. The importance of family relationships cannot be replaced by technology. Technology provides transient thrills, but your family provides lasting calm and contentment. Furthermore, an empty mind is similar to the devil's workshop. As a result, focus your concentration on jobs that you enjoy. It aids in the treatment of depression and produces positive outcomes.

People who are depressed require someone to cry on. Spend some time with someone who is depressed if you come across them. Please lend your ears. Use humor with caution.

Health comes first, followed by education and riches:

People frequently assign incorrect priorities, resulting in a variety of problems. To give purpose to their lives, they must learn to balance their personal, professional, and social lives. I place a premium on health, education, and wealth in my personal life. You will only be able to get an education if you are healthy. You may easily obtain a fortune if you have both health and education.

There are many highs and lows in life. Every fall has an equal and opposite rise. Recognize this truth and live a balanced life. Failures should not depress you, and wins should not excite you. With a cool, quiet, and composed mind, you can deal with depression. To recap, depression is a treatable, transient mental illness. You can simply overcome it by detecting and implementing immediate corrective action. 

Finally, to overcome sadness and live a joyful and pleasant existence, modify your attitude about your life.

Urvashi Arya   

Content Writer - Vantage ITeS Consulting | LinkedIn

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