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Forgiving is Moving On By Jhuma Ahona CW

 Forgiving is Moving On

By Jhuma Ahona CW

“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth “sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Yes, but revenge cannot give you mental peace. In personal life as well as in workplace, we do feel like striking back. But strike back my improving yourself, strike back by being the most successful person. Although it sounds very mechanical since most common people say easy to say hard to do.

Professionally the key to success is to stay motivated by forgiving and forgetting, but not deviating from your focus. In work what your boss said and how your boss said but the focus should not have deviated. Work, work and work till you succeed this is how you should take revenge.

This is the actual way how you forgive and move on. Keep one thing in mind people will keep on talking all you need to do is ignore them. The funniest thing in life is when people start talking about you that means you are reaching the level of success.

Forgiving and moving on does not mean you deviate from your focus and ignore your boss or senior in workplace. This is how you handle and be free and self-motivated in workplace.

But handling personal issues is real difficult at times. Sometimes betrayal in personal life cannot be forgiven. Their lies becomes a difficulty but you can overcome that as well by making yourself strong and not reacting to that . In life silence is also an answer. Focus on yourself, try to do meditation and concentrate in yourself.

Moving on is loving yourself. Falling in love with own self is a unique process of moving on rather than harping on the same issue. Start taking care of yourself and improve yourself physically and mentally. Meditation helps you improve your mental health; yoga also plays a key role. Focus in your work also which will help you develop your esteem. Talk to yourself questioning yourself “what should be done to make yourself the best?”

So revenge is not the answer silence is the best answer.

Jhuma Ahona CW