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Business Influencer Marketing

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In the film, The Matrix, Morpheus the mentor drags Neo from his comfortable existence in a fabricated reality into a gritty existence in the Real World.

Neo is willing, but not all of Morpheus’s crew like what the Real World has on offer.

They would prefer to clamber back into their comfortable old ways, relying on billboards and big shots to tell them what to do and how to live. 

It’s an old movie now, but The Matrix was prescient about one thing: the Real World is better, it’s more trustworthy and it’s built on a foundation of community rather than celebrity.

In the old days of the advertising industry, we used celebrities to endorse brands because people trusted and admired them.

That world lasted many decades, but since social media and the rise of influencers, trust in celebrities has declined rapidly.

The latest research on trust and who influences changes in people’s behaviours demonstrates that we’re more likely to trust an Influencer - with a body of work that demonstrates their expertise - than a random celebrity. 

In Business, influencers tend to be people who have developed expertise in specific industries or activities.

And they share their tips, tricks and templates to help others.

They have a community that is built around that generosity of ideas, and they provide feedback to those who reach out for advice.  

When a Business Influencer has developed their audience to a point that they have won the confidence and credibility that comes with communication about their territory, they become the Morpheus of their expertise.

We Trust them.

We Admire them.

And if they tell us to take the red pill - the one that lets us know what’s happening in the Real World - then we take that red pill, willingly.  

Business influencers have a community that is built around that generosity of ideas, and they provide feedback to those who reach out for advice. 

This is when a Business Influencer can be most useful for a company.

Their audience is, of course, valuable. But they can also advise companies on how best to position a product or a service in a way that’s going to meet market demand.

They frame an understanding of products in a way that will make the most sense for a target customer segment, and they know how best to get engagement with that segment, to achieve what’s needed in a Marketing strategy.

Business Influencer Marketing is the chance that companies have to tap into the connection that these influencers have with their audiences. 

It’s what works in an age when celebrity endorsement is no longer effective.

And it’s much more affordable than celebrity endorsement ever was, anyway.  

You don’t have to be a big company either.

A Business Influencer can help small Businesses and micro-Businesses access and engage audiences in a way that works for both the Influencer and the audience.

The Morpheus for your target segment is out there.

If you want to join the Real World of Marketing, connect with a Business Influencer today.