Career as an Image Consultant By Asma Iqbal

 Career as an Image Consultant

By Asma Iqbal

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Image Consultants help organizations or individuals to update their professional and personal appearances. So, they can grow more with confidence and self-esteem. Taking it as a career is very interesting.

How to be an Image Consultant?

    For a consultation, a Person must be Well Groomed 

    Certification makes your ways easy to go, a certificate of Image consultancy, professional consultancy, or master's in consultancy is required.

    Workshops and sessions should attend 1st. It helps you to analyze the psychology and other aspects like beauty and fashion workshops and psychological workshops enhance your knowledge to upgrade your clients.

    You personally must have a good fashion sense which does not come from high school studies, it's something you understand and apply.

    Get some Experience in this field.

    You must have some specialized skills to gain more clients and their trust on you. For example fashion sense or communications skill.

    Make Portfolio and Linkedin Profile

    Make your Network, do alliances with persons or organizations.

 How Image Consultant help?

    A person’s Image includes hair, clothes, makeup, etiquette, behavior, personal grooming, communication skill, cultural norms, and understanding. All outward appearances can affect the confidence of the person.

     Image Consultants work on them to boost their confidence. They help them to groom their personalities with their expertise.

    Consultants work with the clients with their provided budget. They provide them guidance about how to behave, communicate, and dress according to occasions.

    A consultant can work both with individuals and businesses to grow them faster. Individuals may be models, businessmen, or films.

     Consultants enhance their skills, guide them correctly with sophistication and make them look more good and stylish.

    Consultants analyze the weakness and strengths of their clients. They point out them and guide them on how to work on them.

    They conduct sessions and meetings with their clients, access them narrowly, and make plans accordingly.

An Image Consultant can change people from head to toe. people hire them for self-grooming. how a career can be better than an Image Consultant!.  

Asma Iqbal  MBA (HR)


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