Best Lessons to Become A Well-Organized Business Leader

Best Lessons to Become A Well-Organized Business Leader

These are the Best Lessons to Become A Well-Organized Business Leader:

#Just get Started! Don’t wait to get it perfect. Take Some Risk

Don’t need to plan, plan and plan. If you get an idea, just execute it. I took over six months to record my first program. The next 2 took me a week. Just start. Take risk. You'll feel vulnerable, but once you start your journey, people join if you are adding value.

#Shift from ‘Just in case’ to ‘Just in Time’

So much collection of knowledge …Just in case… and then it results in wanting to consult on operations & contact centres & reputation management & cost reduction & financial crime prevention & core banking &……. All that I knew. It doesn’t work!! I just need that much that I need now.

#All paths Lead Nowhere. Choose one Goal 

Not easy to make this choice among so many. At work you wanted to show of as much as you knew. Focus on one space means ‘letting go’ of all else.

#Learn along the Way and Enjoy the Process

There is a lot to learn. It’s easy to find enough and more information on what you want to do. There are so many platforms which make writing posts, scheduling time, recording podcasts. Explore and enjoy the journey.

#Set your Own Style Standards

Set your own Style and Standards. Continuously improve yourself. You are your own competitor. Shed any false identity. Run your own race.

#Networking and Relationships at Work that Work

Do not underestimate the importance of making friends while working. Time invested in colleagues, acquaintances create a strong network which reciprocates by supporting wholeheartedly. My Podcast is one such example where they were more than happy to be guests

#Undo Corporate Conditioning

This requires unlearning. It shows up in things like making perfect Linkedin Posts, Videos, PPT Presentations. In reality, the world is large and free and all Yours.

#Hobbies for the sheer fun of it

We always loved the creativity and even in the most hectic days of managing work & home & children. We must  find time for - art, needle work, gardening & more. Could not run a full fledged Creative and Innovative Business. Must  realise when its a hobby do it for the sheer fun.

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Role Of Leadership In Business Organization by Nirupama Shyam

 Role Of Leadership In Business Organization


Nirupama Shyam

Leadership is all about making people fathom and believe in the Dream and the vision that you set for the company. Secondly, it is all about making people work with you on achieving your goals. On the other hand, management is about administering and assuring the day-to-day activities are happening as planned.

Leadership is about:









Leadership plays a pivotal role in the success of any given organization. In the absence of effective leadership, no organization can work in a successful manner. The role of Leadership in Business Organization is important in the following ways:

1. Influencing the Behavior of People: A Leader should influence his team members. Bring them under your control in such a manner that they put in their hundred percent efforts to achieve the goals of the organization. Good leaders always get good results through their followers.

2. Personal Relationship With His Team Members: A Leader needs to establish an amicable relationship with his followers and try to fulfill their needs. Providing security and the opportunities to earn wealth is important. Give them the right to work and show empathy towards their feelings.

3. Change Whenever Needed: Nowadays the business environment is changing at a fast pace. In order to face the rapidly-changing environment, several changes are ought to be introduced in the organization. Since the team members are already under the influence of the Leader, it is easy to readily make them agree to implement any new and modern changes. Here lies the strength of leadership ability.

4. Solve Conflict Effectively:

A Leader is supposed to solve and pacify any type of conflict such as Employee vs Employees and Employees vs Employer. This happens only with the influence built and simultaneously, should allow his followers the freedom to express their views.

Leadership is very essential in today's world because we live in a society that is full of uncertainty. We live in a place where creativity is vital for companies in order to be competitive. To survive in this kind of atmosphere, a Leader needs empowered employees and it is only possible with oppressive management styles. 








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Inspire People With Your Leadership Business Skills by Nirupama Shyam

 Inspire People With Your Leadership Business Skills


Nirupama Shyam

In order to be an effective and Inspiring Leader in your given Business, you are ought to unlock several pivotal keys. The foremost Key is to add Value to whatever you are doing and to the people around you. Value Key is perhaps one of the top keys to achieving quality and sustainable results. Because... if you do not offer value, chances are that you will achieve less intended results.

We do not want to go down the slippery road of failure and to avoid this, try focusing on providing a vast amount of value-additions. You will, by default, attract profound opportunity and success in return. 

The Leader Of A Business should have the Vision. With an aim to capture the attention of those who are feeling unexcited about the organization, the Leader has to restore the vision and ensure it shares the values and goals of members present.

#Meetings:  Have regular roundtable meetings by including a good facilitator. This helps people talk about what they want to see around and their interests. Or even what they want to contribute and how they are looking forward to participation.

#InvolvePeople: Rather than showing dictatorship, try assigning and delegating projects to people thoroughly. Let them take charge and give them full independence.  it is essential to realize that the more they do it, the better they get it and obviously, the more they would like to do it in the long run.

#BeAuthenticInside: How you live inside matters. Being authentic inside and projecting that outside is mandatory. You need to cast a vision into your organization to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself. That vision has to be compatible with achieving your own need for purpose in their lives. 

#SpreadEnthusiam: Boost up your enthusiasm. When you bring your excitement out along with unrivalled energy to your team, it’s contagious and works wonders. Your energy can resonate with others and get them inspired to achieve success. This is possible only if they see your passion

The best you can do as a leader is provide an environment of growth and family that can inspire them to be better tomorrow than they are today. As a Leader, one can inspire others by serving something meaningful beyond ourselves. People need to know what is the impact of their efforts on the overall mission of the organization.


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#Inspire #People #Leadership #Business #Skills

#Inspire #People #Leadership #Business #Skills



Be A Successful Leader In Start-Ups With These Business Skills by Nirupama Shyam


Be A Successful Leader In Start-Ups With These Business Skills


Nirupama Shyam

Be A Successful Leader In Start-Up With These Business Skills

When someone is planning to create a Start-up, it is to be fathomed that it will be an immensely Challenging move. All it will need is a thorough Ambition and a genuine and Positive Mindset. One should have the willingness to Learn and Grow at a fast pace. And of course, consistent Hard Work for the years to come.  Start-ups are a great way to invest your energies into your Aspirations.

Here are some factors to be taken care of while commencing a Start-Up:

1. A Good Business Model – One should strive to create a Solution-Oriented Business model so that it can provide value to its customers and has the potential to make its presence truly felt in the market. It should have a revenue model that can bring pretty consistent financial gains in the long run.

2. To Build A Good Team – Not only do you need to have the required expertise in the numerous fields pertaining to the business, but your team should also have an immense amount of dedication, resourcefulness, a positive spirit, and the ability to face hurdles and ordeals. They will help you in creating a staunch foundation for your business. So choose them meticulously and wisely.

3. Secure Investment – Your business should always thrive to grab like-minded investors' attention. They should believe wholly in your business model and brand value and ultimately be willing to take risks. Good investors will provide financial backing and most importantly, indispensable industry approval which can by default boost your value in the market to a large extent.

4. Focus On Building A Brand – Your brand should be entirely unique and novel that can simultaneously provide immense value to its customers. Identify your niche such as what sets you apart and emphasize it. try creating a good marketing value and engage with potential customers.

5. Engaging with Right Customers – Look for ways to identify your target audience and provide them value. Doing the branding and marketing in the right manner will leave you dealing with fewer problems in this regard. To provide Value uninterruptedly in order to Achieve pleasing Momentum to your Business, especially in its initial days. Remember, when it comes to having Leadership skills in a Start-Up, one thing should be consistent -The benchmark should keep going beyond the standards. 






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Relationship Between Leadership And Business Management by Nirupama Shyam

Complex Relationship Between
Leadership And Business Management


Nirupama Shyam

Firstly, let us fathom that the words Leader and Manager are not one and the same. They hardly share the same meaning. But we often see these two words used interchangeably because of confusion. 

This is the reason why many people end up as Managers and restrain themselves from becoming Leaders.

Talking about Managers, they usually ensure the reliable Development and execution of plans using tactics such as methods, rules and policies, 

practices, resources, processes and expertise to deliver a Product/service to Customers with the intended thought of meeting goals.

But, when it comes to Leadership, it makes your tactics, products, and service better, or even faster. Leadership is all about bringing in the positive change, 

ensuring that others understand the change and influencing people to go along with it. 

Why Leadership and Management are mostly confused?

Managers always think in terms of their plan and they do so in concrete linear analytical terms (numbers, facts). 

They actually use expertise to supervise their Decision-Making. But Leaders look for Opportunities using ideas and lateral thinking which extends beyond the current plan.

We have three levels of Leadership here:




Reactive Leaders are those who grab the situation to find solutions to issues even when tactics utterly fail. Adaptive Leaders are good at making changes by adopting the 

profound practices of others. Proactive Leaders find latent opportunities to improve and often establish industry trends and benchmarks. To put it in simpler words, 

a Manager thinks “the product/thing is not broken, so let's not fix it”. But Leaders does both jobs, fix what is broken and find things to fix even when they are not broken. 

This dichotomy is a minuscule yet powerful thing to inculcate.

Goals Without Strategies: When people step up to lead, they usually make plans and goals often in scarce of no strategies. The important trait of Leaders is to develop 

strategies in order to achieve objectives and also implement them in the plan. These strategies could include empowering others to become Leaders and finding specific 

courses of action to achieve the final objective.

Conclusion: An effective leader must also be an effective manager, who can show the team to connect on a human level, and manage processes. 

However, a Manager is not always a good Business Leader. Successful Business Management is merely based on effective (human/relationship-centric) Leadership. 

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All Best Leadership Skills in Small Business by Nirupama Shyam

All Best Leadership Skills in Small Business


Nirupama Shyam

All Best Leadership Skills in Small Business

If you are going to be Leading your people, it is vital to be certain and keep Learning about anything you are impressing on others. And one has to Lead with everything you got to be true. Like any True Leader, be profound for the pure sake of humankind or, (and) of all importance. The impeccable manner to develop and improve Leadership Skills is to perform in an absolute Leadership position.

Just consider that you are looking to expand that much time in real-life trial and error, especially in developing Leadership Skills. The best practical way to acquire the skill set is to learn from other experienced leaders.

What is Unparalleled Management And Unrivalled Leadership?

Management is to complete the job in an Effective and efficient way with its type (Planning , Organizing , staffing , Controlling , Directing). And directing means to direct you Employees in those matters in which they complete the job with their maximum effort.

And Leadership Skill is to have the potential to make your employee Motivated and to lead you employee. Leadership skills have all types of manager [Top level of manager , Middle level of manager , Low level of manager ].

As Anything - Management = Zero.

The same is with Leadership Skill.

A Leader Minus to make your employee love for his work = Zero.

Well, What Else Should You Incorporate?

Emotional Intelligence: One of the most pivotal prowess you need in order to showcase your Leadership Skills is to be Emotionally Intelligent. You ought to have an immense EQ. Emotional Intelligence comprises self-awareness, social skills, motivation, self-confidence and emotion. One should be ready to put other people first, and that human feeling comes straight from emotion [Empathy and Sympathy].

Capacity To Solve Any Given Problem: You need to comprehend how to always find solutions to problems. Just continue to solve problems in people’s lives. For instance, instead of mocking a homeless man, take him to Starbucks and get him some coffee.

Good Listener: You are ought to be a highly good listener. It is no secret that people will likely confront you with various problems going on in their lives. You just need to listen, give them positive hope and probably find a solution to their problems. Also, avoid dodging problems. Ergo, you should be proactive in life besides being response-ability.

Be Responsible for all You Actions.

The other important thing to fathom is you can never be dependent and at the same time have leadership skills. You should be both independent and also interdependent. Whatever you do and whoever you are, You don’t want to be authoritarian. Rather start practicing liberalism. Let us not forget that Leaders are perpetual role models.  Keep practicing and incorporating Humility, Honesty and Integrity. And lastly, Leaders always have their own personal mission statement. This kind of statement would usually contain the Leaders' vision and mission.


Key Leadership Skills for Small-Business Owners

  • Create a Culture of We. 

  • Be True to Yourself. 

  • Not all Leaders are the same

  • Lead by Example

  • Clear Communication.

  • One important aspect of creating an Enjoyable Work Environment is Creating a Culture of Shared Responsibility

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Become a Well Organised Business Leader by Nirupama Shyam

Become  a Well Organised   Business Leader


Nirupama Shyam

Become A Well-Organized Business Leader:

#Clean Your Desk Daily

#Light-Asset Life, and living “in the Cloud”

#Know Your Biorhythm 

#Manage Your Energy

#Use Two Computer Screens

#Use Productivity Apps

All Successful organizations and Businesses need effective Leaders. Leadership captures the essentials of being able and prepared to inspire and influence others. In Business, Leadership is linked with performance, and any Leadership definition has to take the outcomes into account. 

In many Leadership roles it’s not easy to link individual outcomes to Business outcomes, and there is often no direct link to revenue, profit, or mission accomplishment. Even without the connection to the organization's top-line or bottom-line results, it’s essential for any effective Leader to focus on outcomes and results.

The key about Leadership is that it is setting a direction, conceptually, theoretically and perhaps practically, and getting the individuals to buy into that without the pressures of the hierarchy. That encapsulates both why it is such a significant change and why so often an adherence to Leadership proves difficult in companies.

Reach Full Capacity & Maximize Strengths: 

A well-organized Leader is all about encouraging your employees to reach their full capacity and maximize their strengths. Because Business favors individuals who can juggle many things at once, sometimes we undermine those that have expertise in a focused area. But Leadership is more difficult than management, because many times it is a mix of personal and impersonal issues, and you not only have to focus on the bottom line but also on the satisfaction and well-being of the people you Lead.

Good Leader pushes their employees to maximize their strengths and inspire them to innovate. Many people adore the world's popular Leaders, but in some cases, not many people enjoy working with them. This is just evidence to show that balancing tasks and people when you are a Leader is very important. The person has to achieve desired results through others while also modeling the way for employees so they can be Successful contributors, Leaders, and brand ambassadors for the company.

No Distractions:

Having the discipline of shutting the phone off, and other similar modes of distractions could help to a larger extent. An organized Business Leader, who is looking to achieve a big goal, might want to challenge anything that comes in the way. He/she has to clear the clutter and noise of modern society to stay focused. Plugging in and checking status whenever a new notification pops up, leaves us flawed with limited thinking. Eliminate any possible distraction to open profound creations!

A Successful Business Leader: What Does It Take?

1. Your Leadership style should be Unique to you

2. It's best to make a Decision

3. Create a mission statement that is clear

Get Into Action:

It is critical that you learn the importance of the start, whatever you have been postponing. Just do it. If you wait for the perfect time to start, it will never happen and you will have accomplished nothing. Great Leaders don’t work in existing systems. They change the systems to give them what they want. And they don’t delay the start.

They come up with new options for jobs, projects, and professional development that their bosses hadn’t even thought of. They see an opportunity coming their way before most of the rest of us have even looked up from our laptops. They don’t hesitate to seize the initiative or get into action.

#Focus your work on Important, not Urgent, Tasks

#Empower the “Delete, Delegate and Do” Concept

#Track your Time, it’s the best way to keep it Under Control

#Know and Respect your Work Limitations.

#Develop Good Habits and Routines for Yourself and Your Team

#Work in the Flow when you are not Managing Team 

#Sharpen the Saw – don’t forget to Invest in Skills Yourself 

#Practical Recommendations for becoming more Organized  Leader

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