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Become a Well Organised Business Leader by Nirupama Shyam

Become  a Well Organised   Business Leader


Nirupama Shyam

Become A Well-Organized Business Leader:

#Clean Your Desk Daily

#Light-Asset Life, and living “in the Cloud”

#Know Your Biorhythm 

#Manage Your Energy

#Use Two Computer Screens

#Use Productivity Apps

All Successful organizations and Businesses need effective Leaders. Leadership captures the essentials of being able and prepared to inspire and influence others. In Business, Leadership is linked with performance, and any Leadership definition has to take the outcomes into account. 

In many Leadership roles it’s not easy to link individual outcomes to Business outcomes, and there is often no direct link to revenue, profit, or mission accomplishment. Even without the connection to the organization's top-line or bottom-line results, it’s essential for any effective Leader to focus on outcomes and results.

The key about Leadership is that it is setting a direction, conceptually, theoretically and perhaps practically, and getting the individuals to buy into that without the pressures of the hierarchy. That encapsulates both why it is such a significant change and why so often an adherence to Leadership proves difficult in companies.

Reach Full Capacity & Maximize Strengths: 

A well-organized Leader is all about encouraging your employees to reach their full capacity and maximize their strengths. Because Business favors individuals who can juggle many things at once, sometimes we undermine those that have expertise in a focused area. But Leadership is more difficult than management, because many times it is a mix of personal and impersonal issues, and you not only have to focus on the bottom line but also on the satisfaction and well-being of the people you Lead.

Good Leader pushes their employees to maximize their strengths and inspire them to innovate. Many people adore the world's popular Leaders, but in some cases, not many people enjoy working with them. This is just evidence to show that balancing tasks and people when you are a Leader is very important. The person has to achieve desired results through others while also modeling the way for employees so they can be Successful contributors, Leaders, and brand ambassadors for the company.

No Distractions:

Having the discipline of shutting the phone off, and other similar modes of distractions could help to a larger extent. An organized Business Leader, who is looking to achieve a big goal, might want to challenge anything that comes in the way. He/she has to clear the clutter and noise of modern society to stay focused. Plugging in and checking status whenever a new notification pops up, leaves us flawed with limited thinking. Eliminate any possible distraction to open profound creations!

A Successful Business Leader: What Does It Take?

1. Your Leadership style should be Unique to you

2. It's best to make a Decision

3. Create a mission statement that is clear

Get Into Action:

It is critical that you learn the importance of the start, whatever you have been postponing. Just do it. If you wait for the perfect time to start, it will never happen and you will have accomplished nothing. Great Leaders don’t work in existing systems. They change the systems to give them what they want. And they don’t delay the start.

They come up with new options for jobs, projects, and professional development that their bosses hadn’t even thought of. They see an opportunity coming their way before most of the rest of us have even looked up from our laptops. They don’t hesitate to seize the initiative or get into action.

#Focus your work on Important, not Urgent, Tasks

#Empower the “Delete, Delegate and Do” Concept

#Track your Time, it’s the best way to keep it Under Control

#Know and Respect your Work Limitations.

#Develop Good Habits and Routines for Yourself and Your Team

#Work in the Flow when you are not Managing Team 

#Sharpen the Saw – don’t forget to Invest in Skills Yourself 

#Practical Recommendations for becoming more Organized  Leader

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