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Time Surveillance for Business Managers by Rubindeep Kaur

Time Surveillance for Business Managers 

by Rubindeep Kaur 

Setting up Priorities

Learning from the Competitors 

Proper Decision Making

Time is the most significant aspect of every earthly existence. It flows like a liquid and leaves one either moistened or dehydrated. In an enterprise, the word Time is of utmost importance as the existence of the Business itself. 

Time makes Great Leaders or even erodes the role of the existing ones. Considering this notion as worthy and trivial to ignore, Business Leaders are consistently setting priorities and refreshing their Time Management skills. 

Most prominent Tips for effective Time Management 


Even though no one can make up for the bygone time, it is possible to work on the present and future. Considering this statement in true faith, the following directions for a business leader to master Time utilization are given :

Setting up Priorities : 

Effective Leadership demands selecting the most critical areas for the business first. These refer to the core functions of a business which if ignored can prove as a hurdle in the path of a business working to becoming successful. A manager should do the following task for planning priorities: 

o Preparing a to-do list for routine tasks.

o Delegating the unimportant tasks as much as possible.

o Preparing the activities a day before implementation and checking reports of routine functions.

Proper Decision Making :

Decision-making involves knowing exactly What do you want to achieve. When do you want to achieve it? Why do you want to achieve it? It also involves choice among two alternatives that come in the route of decisions. Analyzing them involves a lot of time, so to arrive at effective decisions, Business Leaders should :

o Learn from their experience and prepare plans accordingly.

o Obtaining advice from an expert in the area of decision.

o Trial and error should be avoided and employees should be encouraged to leave their ideas. 

Learning from the Competitors : 

Entrepreneurship also involves keeping an eye on the activities of other businesses. It doesn’t mean counterfeiting or adopting the same Start-Up strategies as that of the opponent, but assuming him as a role model to avoid Time wastage and inspire oneself to get to the activities in the right way.

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