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Time Management for Management Students and Professionals by Rabsimar Kaur

Time Management for Management Students and Professionals               ~by Rabsimar Kaur

We often hear this phrase - Management students and professionals have it busy all the time. The reason for this is the workload and pressure that they face. Being not able to manage time properly as a Management student gives a path of being called as a not good manager. 

Instead, you must focus on how not to stay busy in your post graduate college, better manage your time, and come out as a professional who knows how to strike a balance everywhere. Managing time is no rocket science, but one must do it well in order to achieve success and do things properly in real life.

So how can we actually do it?

1)Delegate Your Work

The best way to free your time is to delegate the less important work which you know that others can also do well, so that you're left with the task that you've expertise in. In today's time you need to be smart enough to transfer a few of your responsibilities and delegate the unnecessary work. For instance, you can stay updated as a marketing director, you could delegate authority to the assistant marketing director to hire employees for the department or as a Management student you can ask a friend to give you insights about one lecture that you missed because of an emergency.

2)Focus on one Task at a time

Prioritization comes with a combination of procrastination. If you can prioritize a task well then you'll be able to do a task more efficiently. This is because when a person is doing one task at a time then his/her attention is utmost which drives better results. This doesn't mean the tasks that you'll pick later on are less important, but the tasks that are urgent can be done on priority first and then the later. Simultaneous efforts in more than one task at a time, fetches down the creativity. So prioritize all your present responsibilities and selectively pick your tasks.

3)Plan your next week on Sunday

Being a Management student or professional comes with greater responsibilities which in turn will leave you with most of the time on Sundays only where you can plan the whole coming week for yourself. Be it meetings, tasks, deadlines, project submission etc. One should be equipped with all the tasks coming ahead in the week and plan accordingly. Taking the time to research, plan and think about your work is crucial for good time Management. Allow yourself the time to process new information and plan how you are going to use it.

4)Put a time limit on tasks

When we become more efficient in our everyday tasks, we clear up time to focus on our most important tasks, and we also have more time to relax and connect with family and friends. Don’t let the time allotted expand and fill your schedule. Set a specific time limit for each task and get to work. When you set time limits, it instigates your mind to work faster and be more efficient.

5)Create a Daily Plan

A daily schedule helps you prioritize your wants and needs efficiently and offers you structure to support your productivity. Once established, a daily routine can help you achieve long-term goals by ensuring you're regularly working towards them. Also daily plan helps in scheduling time to meet all daily goals, boosting productivity and limiting procrastination.

6)Block out Distractions

Juggling multiple projects and deadlines can be stressful. To give out the most productivity with so much going on, it can be very difficult to stay focused, but it's not impossible. The tips to block distractions is to get organized with a to-do list, silence alerts and keep open Internet tabs to a minimum,

Breaking big projects into small pieces and also finding the best environment for efficient studying helps a lot in minimizing distractions.

Hence time Management can be really difficult from time to time but if planned and executed well, we can actually end up saving a lot of time for ourselves and be more efficient at the same time.

Rabsimar Kaur

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