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How to Get Motivated in Life By Sushmita Naha Dhar

How to get Motivated  in Life

By Sushmita Naha Dhar

Regularly Review Your Goals 

Regularly Review Your Progress 

Continue to set new Goals

Keep the Momentum High and Up

Find Mentors 

Surround Yourself with Positive People 

Use Exercise as one of your Daily Goals 

Improve your Mental Health

Motivation is something that keeps us going in life. It helps us in creativity, productivity and happiness. When we feel Motivated, we can fight with the negativity and the new challenges. The Motivation helps us in growing, changing and involving. We feel powerful whenever we are Motivated and want to create more. Motivation can bring happiness and purpose in our lives.


Demotivation is dangerous in case of progress in our lives. Demotivation is a category with so many varieties. We can think that there is only one kind of Demotivation but there are many reasons of Demotivation such as the cause from fear; fear can make you scary and hesitant whichever steps you are taking. Setting wrong goals can make you Demotivated in life, when you are unsure of what you want, that makes you Demotivated in life, Lack of decision-making ability can make you Demotivated. Grief, new challenge, loneliness can make us Demotivated.

Overcoming the Demotivation

To consider yourself how much decision you can make to get Motivated in life, you need to overcome fear. To beat fear, you need to ask yourself why you are afraid and what will be the consequences of the fear, that will make your fears slip away. Reviewing your goals and see how your body and brain respond to each and every goal set by you and in which goal you are trying to work on. Being unclear is the key to Demotivation, only knowing the things is not enough, but knowing what you want and on which things you want to work on is the best thing ever to get Motivated. Slowly take in your task, time, technique, and life, this helps a lot. You need to tweak your goals so that you can get out of your comfort zone and be prepared for new challenges.

   These are a few steps to gain Motivation in life, as without Motivation, there is no scope of creativity, learning and developing.

Sushmita Naha Dhar [Honors and MA  in English]

Author / CW / Blogger

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