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Don't Try to do Everything at Once By Nehha S Kotharie

Don't Try to do Everything at Once 

By Nehha S Kotharie


­čö╣Practice proves that it is impossible to be effective always and everywhere simultaneously. Lack of concentration on a certain task considerably reduces your efficiency. 


­čö╣It is much easier to obtain outstanding results in one kind of activity. It has been scientifically proven that the mind works at 100% efficiency in one task per one unit of time. 


­čö╣So abandon multitasking and concentrate as much as possible on the work you're doing at the moment. 


­čö╣How to fix it? Visualize that your work time is significantly reduced. What things you would do today first of all? 


­čö╣Prioritize and decide for yourself which of the objectives are more important and which can wait. 


­čö╣Organize your work day around the most important things, and current affairs, such as calls or mail, should take second place. 


­čö╣Split the work into urgent, necessary and merely those that can be done by someone else. Never be afraid to delegate your responsibilities.

Here are some  Ways to Avoid Trying to Do Everything at Once:

Make a List – 

Until you see all of your work listed out, you won’t be able to get an accurate assessment of just how much you are trying to accomplish.

Pick Your Priorities – 

Order your Tasks by Priority. It’s always better to get a few important todos done than a bunch of lesser ones.

Forget Multi-Tasking – 

When you try to do many things at once, you end up not doing any of them very well. You are also likely to end up with many things started and nothing finished.

Avoid Other People’s Work – 

While you are doing your work, do other people stop by and ask you to do theirs, too? Be careful about taking on others’ work that you shouldn’t. Once you do, forever will it come your way. (Note: There are individuals that make a career out of passing off their work.)

Finish to Done – 

Be purposeful in completing important tasks to done. Almost done doesn’t cut it. In fact, stopping short of “all the way done” just creates more work for you later. Finish that important item before picking up the next.

Nehha s Kotharie

Soft Skills Trainer, Graphologist, Parenting Coach



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