5 Habits that Keep You Away from Developing By Nehha S Kotharie Soft Skills Trainer

 5 Habits that Keep You Away from Developing

By Nehha S Kotharie 

Soft Skills Trainer

Why do we engage in Habits, urges and tendencies that we know do not serve us? What makes it so difficult to make real, lasting change?

Most people settle for whatever life gives them, and then they make excuses for why they can’t get the results they desire. But why choose complacency when there is a way to increase and enhance the quality of your life?

 A Habit is not an isolated action – there is a cue that you follow to engage in the Habit. This means that you can craft the cue and arrange your environment to eliminate bad Habits and incorporate healthy lifestyle Habits that lead to success and fulfillment.

There are a number of healthy lifestyle Habits that lead to less pain and inflammation, more energy and a longer lifespan. Keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle is not just physical – it also incorporates your mental and emotional health. Though they may take some time to develop, they are well worth the effort as your quality of life is largely dependent on your health.

Here is the list of 5 Habits : 

♦️ The Habit of seeking Approval

If you're looking for self-appraisal on the side, you don't know your worth. In search of an "A" in your conditional diary, you don't do what you want, but what you can be praised for.


♦️ The Habit of Hope

There's nothing wrong with hope, as long as it doesn't become the only way to achieve your goals. Instead of doing things, do you let things slide and start hoping for a positive outcome? Get over it — it's practically futile.


♦️ The Habit of Competing

Competing on the cycling track or in corporate competitions for the title of the best department is a healthy rivalry. The trouble starts when the rivalry becomes akin to a zealous urge to be the best.


♦️ The Habit of Comparing

Specifically, comparing yourself to others. If you deny your uniqueness, you'll never be better no matter how much you compare.


♦️ The Habit of Manipulation

Reaching your goals by manipulating others will never make you believe in your own abilities.

Nehha S Kotharie 


Soft Skills Trainer

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Habits that Keep You Away from Developing

By Nehha S Kotharie 

Soft Skills Trainer