Why Smartphone is very Harmful for Kids

Why Smartphone is very Harmful for Kids

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Info Technology has done a lot to make our lives Easier and more Efficient. Yet as a Parent, you ought to be Concerned about the impact that devices such as Smartphones can have on Your Child. At a time when it is becoming commonplace for  Small Kids  to have their own Mobile Device, shouldn’t you be worried about what negative impact a Smart Phone could have on your  Small Kids [1-12]  Growth ?

1. Smartphone is Harmful for Small Kids [1-12]  Bone Marrow
2. It Limits  Small Kids [1-12]  Creative Minds
3. It Causes  Small Kids [1-12]  to Get Less Sleep
4. It Doesn’t give  Small Kids [1-12]  the Time to Reflect 
5. It impedes  Small Kids [1-12] Ability to Learn and 
6. It causes an Addiction in  Small Kids 
7. It has a very Negative Impact on your  Small Kid's Mental Health
8. It indirectly causes Obesity in  Small Kids 

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