Smartphone is very Harmful for Small Kid

Bill Gates has made a school K-12 Education in Ceattle  for his executives which is considered as the largest area school built on many acres of Land ,and only the kids of Microsoft Executives studies here,the USP of this school is that upto 5th grade no electronic devices are given to the as you go through the life History of  Steve Jobs,you get to know that he did not allow his kids to use any electronic device till the age of 12. There are two Reasons for not allowing is one is mental growth and another is Physical,there is part called Bone marrow in human body which is weak till the age of 11,and these electronic devices emits a rays called  Electronic Mangetic Waves which directly stops the development of Bone Marrow,IF we are using these devices our directly affected by these dangerous waves.Now as per the German Research if these rays are directly gone inside the body if we are using them while having food,then it causes cancer and the heart diseases.

These days  children are getting admitted with the disease like and cancer and heart. 

Why Smartphone is very Harmful for Kids

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