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Young Female Entrepreneurs who are making it Big in India By Harneet Kour

 Young Female Entrepreneurs who are making it Big in India

By Harneet Kour

My India is on the rise. Yes, there is a changing and improving mindset. In this day and age, women are no longer confined to the four walls of the house. Yes, we always manage the homes and the children, but we don't compromise anymore on our dreams. We are going out, facing the challenges, bringing solutions to all the ever-existing issues in the market and defining our worth. The point is no longer to prove anything to anyone but to lead a daily, healthy, independent life. 

Below are some of the best young Indian entrepreneurs who make it all great and successful. 

  1. Sreelaxmi Suresh: Sreelaxmi Suresh, 22, is the youngest web developer in the world and one of the most successful and youngest entrepreneurs in India. She started designing when she was four. Sreelaxmi created his first website at the age of six. She was educated at the presentation high school in Kerala and had developed a website for the school. She started her own design business when she was only 11 in 2009. To this day, it has launched more than 100 websites. The site for the deaf,, established by the Minister of Forestry of Kerala, was developed by Sreelaxmi. We don't take kids seriously when they talk to us about their dreams, but that girl proved that what she meant was serious business.

  1. Aditi Gupta:  Menstruation has been a taboo topic in India for many years. Moms are embarrassed to talk to their daughters about this. Like many others, Aditi Gupta has also experienced problems related to the menstrual cycle. More than pain and discomfort, it was the attitude of the family and society that made it tougher. She was not allowed into a place of worship, was not supposed to sit down with her family and was required to wash and dry her clothes separately. She was not even allowed to purchase a sanitary napkin because it would be detrimental to the dignity of the family. This left a dark impact on her mind. She and her husband, Tuhin Paul, realized that our society lacks knowledge and awareness about menstruation. She began to get information from doctors and girls. She wrote a comic in this regard, In November 2012, Aditi Gupta and her husband started Menstrupedia. Comics, blogs/articles and the FAQS teach young girls the menstrual cycle. Menstrupedia welcomes one lakh of visitors each month. NGOs like Protsahan, Munshi Jagannath Bhagwan Smriti Sansthan, Instincts, Kanha, and two Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh, are using these comics to educate on the subject. 

  1. Shradha  Sharma: Meet Shradha Sharma, an entrepreneur and founder, CEO and chief editor of Your Story. Born in Patna and raised in Delhi, she did her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in History from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. She completed her M.B.A. At the Maryland Institute College of Art. Shradha started her career as a brand consultant for the Times of India. She then joined the business network CNBC TV 18 as vice-president. Shradha loved to write about people who succeed worldwide. She was fascinated by the startup environment. In the beginning, she started a blog, writing stories about people doing amazing things. A short time later, the blog turned into a website and its work was recognized and appreciated. Today, is supported by companies like Ratan Tata, Vani Kola, Mohandas Pai, etc. Shradha Sharma has been called" The Biggest Storyteller of India’s Digital Space.”

  1. Richa Kar. Imagine giving up a financially stable job and career and launching a lingerie startup in India? How many women are capable of doing something like this? Will parents agree with it and how will our society deal with it? The answer to every question is a large No. Richa Kar rose to all those challenges and launched her online lingerie sales site, Zivame, in 2011. The entire concept has raised eyes and issues. That hasn't deterred Richa Kar from focusing. Zivame has now become a well-known name amongst girls and women. Born in Jamshedpur in a traditional family, Richa completed her graduation in 2002 from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. In 2007, she completed her Master’s Degree from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. She joined Spencer and SAP. Her interaction with Victoria's Secret, a client of Spencer and SAP, revealed the experience and harsh reality of Indian lingerie purchases. Richa’s Zivame was conceived to fix this issue for Indian women.

  1. Neha Behani: Neha Behani, who co-founded Moojic, is another successful young entrepreneur based in Mumbai. Neha hails from a small town Kishanganj in Bihar. After completing her MBA, she started working with Hewlett Packard, Singapore as a product manager. Later, however, along with her co-founder Kumaran Mahendran came up with the idea of Moojic and they both decided to quit their jobs. It was a challenging decision. Organizing in-house music and customized radio content was no easy task. However, Moojic took the old jukebox and reinvented it. Moojic provides in-store radio, voice-over, various audio controls and programs from your playlists. You can also program jingles with Moojic. Today, Moojic has over 5,000 daily listeners.

There has been an enormous increase in the number of young women entrepreneurs in India. The fact that women are so effective in multiple tasks helps us to play different roles and manage it all perfectly. Are you passionate about something? Follow it. Do you have an idea or a dream? Come up with it. Give it a try. Do not just sit and cram. This is your life, and you will have no other. Live it to the maximum. Dream big, hoover high and realise what you want.

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