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How to Stop Shiny Face with Makeup

                                                                                                                 Blog By Pallavi Bose 

How to Stop Shiny face with makeup

Shiny face here refers to the sweaty and Oily face. Sometimes dry skin girls like me love shiny makeup which is also called as dewy face makeup. Dewy face makeup is trending these days and one of the most loved makeup trend by most of us.
But for oily skinned girls and even combination skin type ladies dewy makeup is not preferred. They hate shine on their face. Excessive shiny face can look really bad. And it is not at all tempting also. But do you know there are different ways to stop this shiny face with makeup. Of course there are many natural ways also but with makeup you will get much more reliable results to control the shine on your face.
Have a look at the following tips and tricks which will reduce your shiny face with makeup :
  1. Mattifying Primer :
    Use a Mattifying face primer on your face. This will keep your face matte and prevent shine to come on your face for a very long time. Also, mattifying primer is the first step. It will help immensely to prevent shine on your face for an entire long day.
  2. Mattifying Foundation : While buying foundation choose the ones which are oil free or Mattifying in nature.
    This foundations should also be mineral makeup foundation. This will control the oil and keep your face matte for a long time.
  3. Don’t Use Creams – say no to heavier creams. Heavier creams when used as a night cream can give you too much of oil and shine in the morning. Thus, use light weight creams or the best is to use gels. Light weight gels are best to absorb facial oil from your face.
  4. Blot Blot – Blotting papers should be your best friend when you are looking to reduce oil from your face.
    Reducing oil and shine from your face is not a veru difficult task with blotting papers. Keep some of them in your purse always. Whenever you see some oil seeping through your face, blot away the oil from your face.
  5. Use Face Masks – Exfoliation and face masks are the perfect way to go ahead with shiny face. Pos Exfoliation use facial masks. This will help in controlling the facial oil on your face. Exfoliation must be done once to twice a week. Also, use glycolic acid to peel your face at least once a week.
  6. Use Alcohol – Do you know there are different types of alcohol available in the market? There is a rubbing alcohol which is perfect for your skin. Just dip the cotton ball into the rubbing alcohol and then rub it on your T Zone. This will naturally reduce the oil production on your face.
  7. Salicylic Acid – Use cleansers which have at least 20% salicylic acid. This will go a long way in reducing the oil production from your skin. And if your cleanser has 20% less salicylic acid then it’s high time to switch your cleanser.
  8. Makeup Setting Spray – Last but not the least spray some makeup setting spray on your face. This will mattify the entire face and also prevent shine and oil from the face. This will also keep the facial shine and oil at bay for a really long time.
This are some fab and easy peasy tips and tricks to keep the shiny face at bay with your makeup. Add some more tips and tricks if you like in the comments down below.

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