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What do We Expect from Efficient Leaders? by Nimisha Jaiswal

What do We Expect from Efficient Leaders?


Nimisha Jaiswal

Leaders are one of the important pillars of an organization. It is because of them; the people working in an organization are productive, enthusiastic, motivated, and help to generate profits for an organization. So it becomes important to manage these resources efficiently, which is done only by an efficient Leader.

We have seen many Leaders  who are leading their companies effectively and efficiently. 

So what should we expect from Efficient Leaders? Let’s know it.

Excellent Communication Skills

An effective Leaders  should possess excellent communication skills. Resources complete most part of the work when there is accurate communication and no miscommunication. 

For example, the Leader should specify the expectations from his resources, answer all questions related to what, when, how, why, etc. 

Apart from addressing work-related issues, the Leaders  should listen to the resources’ grievances, concerns and be able to provide a solution to them, so that the resources can concentrate on their work and be more productive. Leaders should be politically correct and take a diplomatic approach to resolve conflicts.


To be a Good Leader 

of People requires 


Fairness and Bluntness


Makes Right Decisions and Sets Achievable Goals

We expect Leaders  to make the right decisions at the right time. It can be to hire the right candidate, use the best of resources’ abilities, make strategic decisions, mitigate any risks involved, or even remove any hurdles to achieve Goals. 

An efficient Leaders  sets achievable goals for his subordinates. It means that the resources can complete the work assigned to them accurately, efficiently, and timely. The goals should align with the organization's Goals. It should be measurable so that they can monitor the resources for the work assigned to them.

Leadership Qualities

Leaders' job is not only to get the work done but also to guide their resources for redefining their future. It’s the Leader who shows the direction and helps in showcasing do’s and don’ts in uplifting the career. 

He helps the resources to overcome their weaknesses and strengthen their skills. Effective Leaders are equipped with Behavioral, Human, and Social Skills.


Management is doing 

Things Right; 

Leadership is doing 

the Right Things


Time Management

Completing the task on time is one of the crucial and important aspects of any organization. A Leaders  is the one who is responsible to see that the resources complete the task on time. 

An Effective Leaders  ensures his resources are aware of the deadlines, well equipped to complete the task, there are no roadblocks, the risks are mitigated, and there is no bottleneck. The work should be done in a streamlined manner with no obstacles.

Sets an Example

An efficient Leader creates harmony in the office, approaches difficult conversations tactfully, and ensures that everyone works together efficiently. He observes that there are no Ego clashes and all the issues of the Resources are being answered. 


True Leaders have an excellent track record, they are not afraid to take up Challenges and they do what they say. In short, they set an example for the resources to work like him and achieve the results. 


He stands by his Team, supports them in need, takes proactive steps, and gets things done. He also finds solutions to resolve any conflicts addressed to him.


A Great Leader 

is One Who 

knows the Way, 

Goes the Way, 


Shows the Way


All the above skills make a Leader effective and an outstanding leader. A successful Leader ensures the resources are motivated, trained, guided, and possess all the skills required to accomplish a task.

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