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Business Leadership is Beyond Being a Boss

 Business Leadership is Beyond Being a Boss!

A Boss is a person who gives orders to his subordinates and gets work done. He is the one to ensure that the work is complete on time and has zero errors. He constantly reminds the resources to complete the targets and pressurizes them with approaching deadlines. To achieve the organization’s goals, he becomes harsh and strict. 

But Business Leaders are different. They are more than just being a Boss. Leaders guide the resources, show them the direction, and work with them, so that they can achieve organizational as well as personal goals. 

Leaders cannot be too harsh with their resources because it will affect their productivity and loyalty towards the Organization. He cannot be too gentle, as it leads to under-productivity, laziness, and lack of responsibility and accountability.

Leaders know how to keep a balance between getting the work done and keeping the resources motivated and happy in the workplace.

So what are the secrets of a Leader? Let’s know it.

Builds Strong Relationship and Motivates Resources

It is often said that “people don’t change job but they change their manager or boss”. An inefficient or unreachable Business Leaders can ruin your career, but an efficient Leader helps the resources to rise beyond the hurdles, uplifts their confidence, makes them good and responsible workers who are ready to take up challenges. Motivating people isn’t easy, but effective Leaders motivate the resources to work, which increase their productivity and hence the overall organization’s objectives become achievable.

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Delegates the Work and Gives Authority

In an organization, there are various tasks to be performed. For a Leader to manage all the tasks on his own is very tiring and stressful. An effective Leader strategically delegates the work among the resources and empowers them with sufficient authority so that they can complete the work with no issues.

Gives Recognition to Resources

Getting the work done is not the only aim of an effective Leader. He makes sure that he measures the performance of his subordinates regularly and gives his feedback. This improves the relations between him and the resources reporting to him. 

In short, he treats them as humans and individuals. He also recognizes the work of his resources and gives credit to them for their work. Simple applause or a pat on the shoulders can help in building a good rapport. Giving some gifts or bonuses motivates the resources further to perform even better. 

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Plans Team Outing for Healthy Work Culture

The relationship between the Leader and his resources has a direct impact on the success of the project and the morale of the team. If there is a constructive conversation between the Leader and a resource, all the doubts and concerns get addressed, which leads to exhibiting outstanding performance at work. An effective Leader maintains a cordial relationship with his resources in the office and also outside the office. Planning and executing frequent team outings with resources add value to the entire work culture in the office.

 Shares Knowledge

Sharing knowledge or experience with subordinates is an integral part of building a team. An effective Leader knows that if the resources reporting to him are qualified, updated with new skills, they can achieve their goals. So he keeps on suggesting fresh courses, meetings, conferences, training, books or online content to his resources, which keeps them updated with new and relevant skills. He takes an extra effort to communicate recent changes in the working style.

A Leader makes an office an exciting place to work. He possesses technical skills, analytical skills, behavioral skills, administrative skills, and problem-solving skills to lead an enthusiastic and productive team. Together with his team, he works for the growth and prosperity of an organization and helps in achieving its objectives and accomplishing the mission.

Nimisha Jaiswal

Author/Blogger / Content Writer

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