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Communication Styles for Business Leaders by Darshana Khandelwal

Communication Styles for Business Leaders

by   Darshana Khandelwal 

Communication plays a very crucial role in our routine life. It helps in exchanging the ideas and information between two or more persons and establishing good relations with others.

Can you ever imagine what our life would be without the Communication? It would become very dull, boring and monotonous and without this there will be no other way to express our feelings to each other.

So, it is necessary to understand the different Communication Styles being used by the Business Leaders within the Organization in order to win and express his knowledge and ability to their employees.


A Leader must know the different ways in which the employees could feel motivated. Motivation could take two forms – internal and external. It is one of the best ways of knowing the needs of the employees. Motivation enables the Business Leader to make employees feel valued by learning regarding their needs and strengths and priorities for doing their work.

A motivated Person

Will definitely ucceed,

And Accomplish its Goals


Coaching is a blend of advising and teaching especially while providing support to the employees to obtain their desired results. Through coaching the Business Leaders can ensure employee retention, enhancing the performance of the team. A good coach can lead its Organization and generate a significant amount of profits and get success.

Behind every

Successful Person,

Is a Great Coach


It is very crucial for the Business Leader to understand the difference between dictating and directing. Directing is the way to guide the employees or provide a framework for the successful completion of the project, whereas dictating is kind of giving orders to the employees at the workplace.

Inspiration and Direction

Will help you in,

Reaching Your Destination

In a nutshell, Each and every individual should know the importance of Communication in life. Communication can be done in many forms such as oral, written and even with the help of signs and symbols. But without Communication, it is not possible for individuals to sustain in this world.

Darshana Khandelwal 

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