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Useless Politicians - Salaries, Allowances and other Entitlements

Our PM who is advising citizens to surrender LPG subsidy...

Useless Politicians - Salaries, Allowances, and other Entitlements  ?

1. Salaries and Allowances
2. Travelling Allowance and Travel Facilities
3. Accommodation
4. Telephone Facilities
5. Water and Electricity
6. Medical Facilities
7. Advance for Purchase of Conveyance
8. Income Tax Facilities
9. Scheme of Financial Entitlement of Members of Lok Sabha for Purchase of

1. Mr. Modi Narendra Modi from whose money Indian Government is paying all these allowances?...

2. Did state/country politicians are working for public reforms?

3. If any problems/issues 
arises for public reforms, politicians must fight for it - here! public is fighting for their problems/issues. Then what is the use of politicians?
4. First tell me Who are politicians?... and Who is politicians?... (Politicians must work for public not for himself to earn crores from public money)...
5. Every state must spend their TAX for reforms and developments!
- Our hard earned money is paid to useless politicians in State / Country in the name allowances...

Nidhi Jain [M Sc Comp] 
Manager Operations
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