Money being Robbed from my account in the name of charges w

MID No :  95260846 
S/b a/c no : 236901501277 

MID No :  95260846 
S/b a/c no : 236901501277 
Mob No 9826037330
Capt Chandra Shekhar Gupta

Money being Robbed from my account in the name of charges without my consent for a service which is not been used by me

Acct XX277 debited with INR 13,570.00 on 22-Jan-20.
Info: MID95260846 B.Avbl Bal:INR xxxxxx.

Call 18002662 for dispute or SMS BLOCK 277 to 9215676766

Money being Robbed from my account in the name of charges without my consent for a service which is not been used by me

Hello Nodal & Business Head,

I am writing this email with pain and agony. Can't thank you guys enough for putting me through this Mental trauma and stress.

I have been banking with ICICI Bank   I have always been a satisfied customer with ICICI Services. However, since the time I opted for a EDC machine all I have been going through is mental stress.

Please note that we were issued a Terminal ID :  95260846   in the month of April 2019, post which we had complained that None of the transactions made on the terminal were credited to my account. After which i was provided with a replacement Machine and the Terminal ID :  95260846  was taken back by the engineer who had come to deliver the new terminal ID :  95260846 

Now since the time the terminal ID :  95260846  

My questions are way too simple:

1. When the machine isn't in our possession, why are we being charged constantly from our account
2. Can you please share a copy of the consent form which i am sure would have been signed by us agreeing to such terms and conditions that we would pay early de-activation charges, non-usage charges etc.

Please note that the only active terminals used for my business are as below and i do not want any one to deactivate this TID, because your customer care team hardly understands anything.
Let me be loud and clear, that the Terminal ID :  95260846  is not under my possession and please stop robbing my bank account and refund all the charges taken away from my account on priority.

Now my question is the same, who is responsible for all the charges taken from my account till date for the Terminal ID : 62996784 which is not under our possession and which has been taken away by an engineer of yours months ago. I have tried all possible ways to sort this out till date but no luck. I have been writing emails calling merchant care but till date nothing has changed. Even today i am charged from my account.

With all of these all i can say is, i have reached a point that i cannot handle this mental stress anymore and I cannot let someone debit my account with my knowledge. Kindly refer to the below email trail for your reference. I have tried explaining my best but looks like no one is interested in resolving the issue and all they care is robbing customers in the name of charges.

All i want to ask is, where is the consent form signed by us for this charges. Secondly who is gonna refund almost 40 + 7 k which has been deducted from my account. Every-time i call all i get to hear is give us the machine back we will give you a refund. And i have also tired my best explaining anyone and everyone that the said machine is not with me and it has been taken away by one of your engineer, now you come back asking me give me the acknowledgement etc thats unacceptable, because your engineer never gave any document. Nor have i signed any consent form till date nor have i been told about all these hidden charges.

Well with this i would like to conclude my email, I am writing this email as I am going through a lot of mental trauma. For a small business like mine losing 50k for some service which i havent used is a big money. Lastly i would like to say if this isn't sorted on priority, all i can do as a customer is close my accounts with ICICI and file a case with the Consumer courts for robbing me over the months in the name of charges and putting me through this mental trauma.

Keeps on deducting the money from account

I have handed over the POS machine back to ICICI merchant however they are still deducting the money from my bank account. Also, a sum of Rs. 13750  is still pending from ICICI merchant which they have taken from my bank account without my consent and now they are neither replying on email or on phone. I have been sending the emails for last 4 months and asking for the reason of deductions of Rs 2000, Rs 1198, etc made on different dates of May, Jul, Aug, Dec 2018 however no reply from anybody. I have sent multiple emails to business head, customer care, nodal escalation(not valid email id), etc but no reply from anywhere.
If some senior responsible employee from ICICI merchant is reading this complaint, kindly look into the matter and resolve the issue.
95083193 - Merchant ID

Fraud Icici Pos Machine Person
I Have Purchased Pos Machine of Icici Bank Which the Sales Person Told That the Monthly Charges Are Just Rs.50/- + Gst. But I Was Charged Too High and When I Complained About the Same to Call Centre They Just Told Ok We Will Revert You,this Happened Many Times as I Also Got Penalty Many Times for Not Doing Daily Settlement. The Biggest Fraud Pos Machine Selling Company is Icici. Even When I Surrendered My Machine They Told Me That They Will Not Charge Me Anything but Still They Charged Me Heavily. Dont Ever Nuy Pos Machine From Icici They Are the Biggest Fraud in Selling Pos Machine and Even Don't Open Any Account in Icici Bank Bocause Even Here is the Same. They Say Something and Charged You Heavily,this is the Only Business They Are Doing With People, Again Sayin the Biggest Fraud Icici Bank.
Thanking You

Undefined charges
I just checked out my account for the debits happened for Icici merchant and noticed that there are multiple deductions of 1593, 2273 and monthly rent deducted twice in a week. Such charges are levied and on sending email nobody replying. Also on calling their business head and other personnel and customer care, Nobody is picking up the phone. Is there a way that we being customer can file a formal FIR against them?

payment not Refund
ICICI Merchant services-first data terminal fraud
I wouldn't recommend anyone to use the services of ICICI First Data for card swipe machine. They just issued additional swipe machine without any intimation and deducted ₹17,700. They only send a one-way communication through SMS and email both of which have no deliverable address. It is just like a fraud to charge any desirable amount to poor customers or maybe a way to complete their annual target.

I had asked them to Uninstall the existing swipe machine because of their increasing fees, but instead of removing it, they issued an additional one and slapped a hefty charge without taking my consent. One needs lottery-winner-level luck to get in touch with any officer who can actually understand the concern and could actually do anything about it... Even a greater level luck to get a full refund of forced deductions... let alone the compensation for the agony and all the hassles.

Apart from maintaining a MAB of 10,000 in a SB account just to avail the card terminal service, there is additional frustration of slapping a penalty   every now and then.

A frustrated consumer. 

Please Refund Amount, 




Capt Shekhar Gupta

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