The Rise and Fall of Women’s Skirt Lengths

The  Rise and Fall of Women’s Skirt Lengths

When girls were short skirt- “I swear choti dress mae bomb lagti menu”
And if she wears a long one- “Oh behenji!Shadi mae aye ho kya?Ye ghagra kyu pehne hue ho?”

Generally, in either way, girls are always commented on their size of their skirt but here the problem is not with the size of the skirt of the girl but with the mentality of people.Girls should be free to wear any size of shirt anywhere they want with of course reasonable restrictions in some places like college, temples, etc.The earlier long skirt was highly in fashion but after that, the trend of the mini skirt was at its peak.May it be a birthday party or college fest girls found themselves smart and beautiful in mini skirts which are usually accompanied by a matching top.But if we see the recent trend now again the long skirts are becoming fashion trends.Now they are also worn with long kurtas.Not only college going students but also this trend is followed by homemakers and a lot of many mothers too as they fell it very comfortable.

Another very important dimension to it is the patients.It will be easier for them for the nurses or the family members to depose the continuous urination process of the patients.Also, the person who is injured can find this very comfortable for dressing and all external purposes.

The best part of the long or short skirt is that it is very comfortable and not clumsy as some people may find jeans, leggings or jeggings more clumsy and uncomfortable.Also that we can wear this with kurta(short and long), tops and t-shirts as well.But yes people should definitely check the environment and occasion before wearing skirts and going for it for their suitability and safety purposes.

There was also a time when the fashion of this skirt was adopted by boys and men too.It was Ranvir Singh’s photo in a skirt which went viral and he was highly criticized for the same as it looked a bit mismatch but at last, it depends upon the individual choices which are backed by law that they have the freedom of choice.

It is a matter of shame that in India where women and girls were regarded as the goddess in form of Maa Durga and Laxmi, today we lower down our own reputation by disrespecting them.It is rightly said, “Don’t teach your girl how to behave, teach your son how to respect”.I think this perfect. In conclusion, I would recommend people not to judge the girls by the size of their skirts and to all the girls that wear it in any size, you will look beautiful.

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