The Focusing Media

The Focusing Media

"Always don't show what we want to see, sometimes do show us what we need to know"

On one hand it is this India where still lakhs and crores of Indians sleep empty stomach, where lakhs of youths are unemployed, corruption has almost ruined the whole system of public administration,there are a few seats filled when we observe the death and birth anniversary of our great freedom fighters those who have sacrificed their lives for our Independence where as on the other hand when a star’s kid starts his/her debut in a film, where was this film star celebrating his/her birthday party, where was the sports star celebrating his honeymoon, the affair of the political leader, becomes the breaking news.

Even after 70 years of independence, India has many social, economic, political issues which have not yet been achieved.Starting from the field of education to the field of unemployment there are still many issues and problems which we haven’t yet successfully redressed.Don’t you think child marriage, dowry death, domestic violence, etc are still prevailing in today’s world?Not only in the rural areas but also in urban areas.Still those discriminatory notions like not allowing girls to go to schools and forcefully imposing of the unfulfilled dreams of the parents on their children exist?Even along with these, there are many new issues that have come up with climate change, technological threats on social networking sites, etc.Don’t you think these issues need to be first addressed and these problems are needed to be curved out first?

   Media which is the considered as the 4th pillar of a democratic country like India.In today’s world of digitalization, it is supposed to be even more cautious and careful about the news presented to the people because we strongly believe in the media and it is their duty not to disappoint us on that aspect.But paid news and stiff in-house competitions have diverted the media’s attention from showing what they are supposed to show to what we want to see.They are being highly commercialized and are forgetting the real crocks and issues that they should let the public know about.

   Strictly speaking in India only 3 categories of people are seen as the celebrities. They are actors, cricketers and politicians.If you ask a college student about a noble laureate they might not know him but when you ask them about Shahrukh Khan and Virat Kohli, they will tell you about them so much that they themselves might not know that much about themselves.I strongly believe knowing about them is not wrong but it has a limit and not knowing about the rest is a blunder.In an interview actress, Vidya Ballan had quoted something that is really true and we should understand that.She said, “We are public figures, not public properties”.This is absolutely true.The celebs are also human beings and they too need privacy in their life & right to privacy has now even become a fundamental right.We should let them too to have their own space is strongly what I feel.
   So, I would conclude by saying that let the media cover the real issues of the society that we strongly need to look upon in our society rather than again and again unnecessarily infringing the right to privacy of the celebs so that it will help in the growth of the nation as well as let the celebs take fresh air.

Akankhya Kabi

#Diverting _Media

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