SriDevi Ji Things that Sridevi’s Untimely Death Teaches us:

Very diet conscious
Never ate junk food
Not even masala dosa
Exercised 2 hrs daily.
Fully disciplined lifestyle

Dies at 54.

Kushwant Singh
Drank whisky everyday
Fond of butter chicken
Had erratic day schedule during his career

Died at 99

Any lesson to be learnt ?

जिंदगी औऱ मौत
ऊपरवाले के हाथ में
है जहाँपनाह😳😳👍

श्रीदेवी नियमित रूप से 2 घंटे वॉक करती थी...
कितनी फ़ीट थी....
फिर भी 54 वर्ष में कोई बीमारी ना होते हुए भी चली गयी...
इसलिये ख़ूब खाइये , मस्त रहिये...
पार्टी करते रहिये...
Exercise भी करिये...
जिस दिन जाना होगा , उसी दिन जायेंगे...

Things that Sridevi’s Untimely Death Teaches us:

• Life is unpredictable
• Life is too short for egos in relationships
• Make the most of your time, say what you want to or you may never get to
• Nobody should be taken for granted
• Strongest women have the weakest hearts

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