by Anshu Priya 

Peaceful and progressive coexistence of humanity is the most inevitable way of sustainable development.The two basic fundamental principles on which this healthy headway is based are justice and equality.Justice signifies provision of fairity and protection of legitimacy for every  individual whereas equality refers to protection of legitimacy for all.Indian society ,The Indian Constitution ,The preamble,gives an  indistinguished example of the support of these ideals by the nation.India is a sovereign,socialist secular democratic republic nation.The very secular statement from the construction states that all the castes and religions stand together with equal dignity.
Sadly, the given rule is completely unprotected.Needless to say ,Law and order have tried tough hands in every way to protect the sanctity.One of it's ways is The Reservation system in India.
Reservation system provides fixed place for various castes and religions in the educational institutions and companies, solely with the intention to stand them with equal dignity in the society.Reservation is a very good  way of strengthening the sections that have low regards in the society but it fails to attack the root causes and hence eradicate them. The 21st century that is known for the immense evolution of caste system is a failure for the society.The most significant and obvious reason for this is the mindset of the people .First of the many steps forward that should be taken should be taken in the form of creating awareness campaigns and influencing the minds of the people in the backward areas allied with implementation of strict punishment for  those discriminating  in the form of caste ,creed and religion.
Second step should be providing and ensuring basic education for the young children furthermore reservation should be made in schools for those lacking economic backhand.The third and the most crucial initiative should be directing the present youth  of these sections of the society so as to create successful ideals for the coming generations and instill a sense of confidence for the present one's.
The present reservation system in India , although initiated for a societal rationalization,fails to protect both justice and equality.It fails to achieve it's motive and in the process major talent is denied deserved opportunities,which is deadly for a developing nation like India.


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