Father Name : Gopal Shrinivasan

Father Name :  Gopal Shrinivasan

His two sons name:Ajay and Vijay srinivasan
And their wifes name Sunitha and Vinita
Father was in Bank and he took violentary retirement scheme and due this scheme he received 7lacs rupees and so he decided to gift his children trip to Shimla and Manali,they all went but didnt ask the father to join the trip.Also before his retirement his daughter in laws were not serving him food and all on time .their behavior was not decent enough.So when his sons left for vacation so he called the brokers and asked them to sell his house for ar
ound 2cr..in only two days.He sold the house in 2 days for 1 cr. and donated the amount as a charity and took a room in the same organisation and kept 2 full on duty person for his care. When his sons came back from vacation they were homeless 

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