A Lesson to Learn

A Lesson to Learn

This is the Story of a Girl who Didn't  Gave Up.

It was a hot humid summer, sun was at its peak but children were still playing in the ground. I was sitting on the bench observing others in what they were doing, Ouch! someone hit me with a ball, Where are your manners, I cried and ran away from there.

Running away was my biggest mistake, I was bullied for my dark skin colour since i was a small little school going girl. I was a small girl and didn't knew what I was facing or is that okay. The only feeling was it hurts. As I grew I faced all of it very often and started losing all my confidence and felt worthless. I use to question my existence, though all of my family members were dark skinned. But I hated myself, and this hate was generated from people around, who use to call me by names and who use to bully me around. 

Sometimes I felt like ending my life as my life became my biggest nightmare. But slowly and steadily my mother taught me things at home then I realised that there are dark skin models too who rock on stage and dark skinned are doing great in every genre be it sports, glamour, business or politics and that was a turning point, I started to regain my confidence. My mother became my leader and ultimate inspiration and my motivation, she recited her life story about how she was bullied but that didn't let her down on her academics, and that is why she is a great professor today. 

I have started to follow her path and I am very good at sports today and I want to be a great athlete and back a gold medal for my nation and make my mother proud. She is the one who told me all skin colours, all sizes, all shapes have equal value the only need is to realise your importance. Beauty is just a term and what is most important is inner beauty. 

The most valuable lesson for life is to respect and value yourself before anyone and when you start realising your importance you can achieve anything in life. There is no rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, tall or stout, fat or slim, its just ones perception. People will always try to suppress you but you should be confident enough to raise your voice rather than running away. Keep your spirits alive and work for what you want to be one day.

Value yourself, that is the sole motivation in life to achieve success. You will be as much value to others as you have been to yourself.


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