Successful Vs. Unsuccessful People

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Successful Vs. Unsuccessful People

Being Successful and Unsuccessful always had a clear-cut difference between them. there is always two sides of a coin the decisions we make have its own consequences as well, the difference between the decisions taken gives rise to being successful and unsuccessful. In order to be successful one should be able to adjust and align his thoughts in the and organize himself in the path of success. Success can only be achieved with certain elements like hard work, determination, and perseverance. The idea of being the best by showing someone low is there the start of successful people. Here are the differences between successful and unsuccessful people
Ø Successful people embrace a change, unsuccessful people fear of a change: if there is any kind of change taking place successful people take the positive side of the change and try to inculcate them in their habits and embrace them. But this is not the case with unsuccessful people deny or hide from them which will take them nowhere.
Ø Successful people take a stand if they are responsible, unsuccessful people blame others: truly successful people have their own ups and downs in their career if they are going down because of their mistakes they will learn from their mistakes and rise up. But then unsuccessful people blame others for their loss and keep blaming instead of working on the flaws that they have.
Ø Successful people are credit givers, unsuccessful people are credit takers: A task is assigned a department and the work is done with the proper plan, teamwork, and execution. They receive credits by their boss, here a successful person will be giving the credit to the whole team he worked with to reach the targets where the unsuccessful person takes all the credit though it was done by others.
Ø Successful people have helping nature, unsuccessful people have selfish nature: a successful person will always have a question like “how may I help you?” where are ready to help others if they find anyone who needs help and comes forward to give a hand in their work. The unsuccessful person cares all about himself when he needs something he doesn’t hesitate to take the help of others but when others need help from him he postpones or escapes that conversation.
Ø Successful people listen to others and then keep their point of view, unsuccessful people just talk: If there is any kind of gathering a successful person will first listen to the speaker and the speak considering various aspects like seniority, experience etc. With respect. And whereas unsuccessful people talk as they like regardless of any respect to the people around or without any respect.

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By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
Twitter: @sowmya_12

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