Stay Alert - New Year's Knocking!

Stay Alert - New Year's Knocking!

" I think I need glasses cause I keep seeing a lot of people with two faces."

Everyone like partying. 
New year is ahead so everyone is busy in enjoying,  relaxing and partying hard with friends and family. But people tend to forget about the mess and the danger which might be Knocking on their doors while the party is on.
The things which actually go wrong in party are:-
▪Drink driving
▪Drug overdose
▪Sexual assault
▪Injury  and the list goes on ...

Next thing which should be known are the few suggestions for the party safe party:-
1. No Need to use alcohol for fun but if you want to drink, Drink moderately.
2. Do not drive if you are drunk instead take a driver.
3. Keep Fire extinguisher ready for emergency
4. Party could be planned out with keeping all the        precautions in mind
5. Medical facilities should also be taken consider.
6. Do not keep quiet and allow unsafe behaviour. Complain the host about such things.
7. Never leave your drinks alone. Or if required tell a person you trust to look after it whn you are away.
8. Do not advertise the party via social media. 
9. Take soft drinks not alcohol or drugs.
10. Be alert!!!!!

Enjoy to the fullest and party hard but safely so that you won't regret.!! 

Simran Kumari (CSE)
2nd year


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