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People Born in the month of May tend to be 
Very Fickle, Wanting one thing Yesterday, 
and Something totally Different Today. They 
Express Themselves well, and Love Talking 
to People from all walks of Life. They have 
an Active Social Life, and don’t Like to Spend
a lot of time Alone. May Babies also Love a 
Stimulating, Intelligent Conversation, but need 
Almost an Equal Amount of fun and Excitement. 
They get Bored Easily, and Constantly look for 
new ways to Entertain Them selves.

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People Born in July have many of the same 
Traits as those Born in June, Except that they 
are a bit more Spontaneous and Extroverted. 
They Live for Adventures, and just want to 
have a good time. Outwardly, they Appear 
Confident and Cheerful, but inside, they 
Harbor a lot of dark Secrets, and hide their 
pain well from others.People Born in July have lots of 
Energy, and People Love to hang out 
with them Because of this.

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