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Beatrice Sigar sent you a message on empowr

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From: Beatrice Sigar <>
Date: Sat, Jan 20, 2018 at 7:09 PM
Subject: Beatrice Sigar sent you a message on empowr

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Greeting's To You Dear Beloved Friend, My Names are Beatrice Sigar, A togolise citizen, I enrolled through university of Lome-Togo, Faculty of banking and finance. I work with Banque Internationale pour l'Afrique au Togo (BIA TOGO) as an accountant. I believe it is the wish of God for me to get in touch with you . I contacted you just to get you into a close conversation as every thing can not be discussed on a first instance. I hope you will give me a benefit of doubt towards my information to you ? .Well, I will be glad to have your good understanding on this, There was a high prominent man that deposited a huge amount of money in our bank but lately died on July 2014 . I am his personal accountant when he opened the account in our bank and he has no person named as his next of kin to his funds which every one in the bank believed that it is a looted fund; for the fact that he doesn't want any one to know about the fund because he is not a togolise but an Australian Citizen and American Soldier . He was one of the troops that fault during the Libya muammar gaddafi Battle of Sirte, I want you to know that this information which i am giving to you today is real and truth and i swear with my life in the light of above about my honesty towards this mail but i plead you not tell any body about it even if you are not willing, because if the bank authority get to know that i am the one revealing this secret, i will loose my job in this bank as you know, life is very difficult in every part of the world. I want to get you into this deal so that we can close it together . This is something other bankers does to succeed life but with someone living far-away or with people who are much secretive and faithful in concrete agreement, Dr.Dharmendra deposited ( USD $ 14,000,000.00 (fourteen million) United State dollars with our bank as a Fixed Deposit before he died. The maturity date of the deposit was in 2015 ,I want you to contact our bank as , Dr.Dharmendra's business partner to come and claim the fund because he has no next of kin to his account statement. The fund will be declared as an unclaimed and it will be diverted to the togo Government's Account if no one claims it, I am writing this mail to suggest to your person to assist me to evacuate the fund out of the bank to your personal account as his business partner, . I'm assuring you there is no risk involved in this transaction, I have put in place every legitimate arrangement to perfect the deal. For your involvement in this deal, you will receive 45% of the fund as soon as transfer is being confirmed to your account while 45% will be kept for me till i come over and then 10% will go to any geniune charity organization in your country The transaction will be processed under every legitimacy, Which will protect me and you from any violation of law. I will resign from banking work and will come over to your country as soon as the transaction is being confirmed in your account,i want you to send to me your information’s below to my email adress ( to enable me give you an application which you will forward to the back for action further of the transfer. 

The details are as follows; 

1. Your full names...........................2. Date of birth........................3. Full contact address.......... (Home & Office) 4. Private telephone numbers.......................5. Marital situation.......................6. Occupation.................... .....7. Country....................... ..8. Your private email address......................... Thank you very much. Beatrice Sigar 

Pilot's Career Guide

गुजरात के ब्राण्ड एम्बेसडर होने की हैसियत से अमिताभ भी साथ थे।

जब मोदी जी इस्राइल के PM को रिसीव करने एयरपोर्ट पर पहुँचे तो, मोदी ने अमिताभ का परिचय कराते हुए पूछा : क्या आप इन्हें पहचानते हैं ?

इस्राइल PM :  हाँ, ये हीरा ठाकुर हैं।
ठाकुर भानुप्रताप के बड़े लड़के !!