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Wow Joke

Wow  Joke
An engineering college
A tour of all teachers
To move on to one
Airplane was seated .. !!
When all teachers
Sat down
So the pilot is very happy
Announced from-

"All of you distinguished
Knowing this
would be happy
That the plane in which you
Are sitting
He is the master of the college of yours
The students have made ... !! '

What was there..!!
So much listen
Only all teachers fear this
Got off
That somewhere flying
Filled by plane crash itself
Do not happen ... !!
But principal
Sahab is sitting ... !!
See it
Pilot their
Went and asked him-
All the teachers
Pupil name
Just got scared but
Why did not you come .. ??

Do you fear
do not feel..??

Principal responded to heart
Teachers of your college
More than your
But trust is

You can see it ...

This plane  will not be Start even ... !! ...
Student  is reserved for reservation quota