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Work from home faq

2) Why are your Original Pictures are required for this profile ?

For indentification purpose. Also, when and as you join the internship, you become the face of your blog.

4) What after completing this Internship ?

After the internship, I will utilize the experience I gained from it in my next job profile.

5) Why do you think your bio is uploaded on ?

I think it is done so as to know the background of the person and check the person's suitability for the internship.

6) What type of working conditions you choose to work? 

Work from home

7) What made you think that you should be applying for

I needed to add to working experience and alfablogger felt like the right choice because it provides you with proper training before you start which helps you to understand your area of work better.

8)Will you be able to work under pressure? 

Yes, if required.

9)Are you not over qualified for this position? 

No. I am just in my first year and this is my 2nd social Media internship. 

10)Explain how would you contribute to

I would work really hard and do my job on time with diligence and accuracy.

11) What are your career options right now ?

I am in my first year of college right now and still trying to figure it out.

12)What was the toughest challenge you have faced? 
The toughest challenge was getting into one of the best universities of the country.

13) Was the 6 day training seemed beneficial ?
Yes. I got to know what all work I will have to deal with in future in this internship.

14) What are your strengths and weaknesses ? 

My strength is that I am good at maths and my weakness is that I can't do the same thing for a long time. 

15) How do you feel reporting to a younger person? 

It's fine if that person is lot more experienced or learned than me.