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Why do we use Image Optimization

                     Image Optimization

Image Optimization means ensuring your images look flawless on desktop and mobile. And that they don’t hinder web performance.

The goal of Image Optimization is to create high-quality images with the lowest file size.

Three main elements play a role here:

·      Images file size (JPEG vs. PNG vs. WEBP images)

·      Compression level

·      Images height and width

By finding the balance between the three, you can reduce Image size and improve website performance.


Why do we use Image Optimization?

Image Optimization is about reducing the file size of your Image as much as possible without sacrificing quality so that your page load times remain low.

It’s all about Image SEO. That is, getting your product images to rank on Google and other images search engines.


10 Tips you must know about Image Optimization.        

·      Use the Right Image  

·      Choose the Right file Format

·      Optimize your Images for the web

·      Use Informative files name

·      Pay attention to alt text

·      Separate your thumbnails from main pictures

·      Create Image sitemaps

·      Don’t rely on third-part Image hosting

·      Integrate Social Media

·      Web in doubt, consult Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Some main benefit of Image Optimization:

·      Improve page load speed:-

Website page speed depends on many factors like website layout, design, images etc. around 65% of website weight consists of images so if you can optimize all website images well, then you will definitely see a big change in your website loading speed.

There are lots of tools to check website speed like:

1.  GT metrix

2.  Pingdom Tool

3.  PageSpeed Insight by Google


·      Improves Site users experience

Visitors love a website that loads in under 2 seconds. So if you can successfully optimize all your website images and have taken care of other things too, then you can provide them with a better overall user experience.


·      Help in boosting website SEO ranking

Who doesn’t want to see his website on top of the search rankings? Image Optimization can be a powerful weapon for this; A search engine like Google loves a website which takes less time to load. Google will rank this website higher in their search results.


·      Save server memory and reduce the load on server

Image Optimization is also very useful in saving server memory and it reduces extra server load.

  For instance, you have 2 same images, one Image size is 900kb and another Image size is 340kb. Then the second Image will put low weight on the server and it will save your bandwidth also.

·      Boost Conversations

As we have already discussed, Image Optimization helps in getting a higher rank in search results. It directly means that your website can capture more users and you can possibly get more conversions.


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