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By Harneet Kaur

Years ago, back in school, I wanted to be a doctor. I dropped the idea when they asked me to dissect a frog one day. Then I thought I would give engineering a try. Though I was doing well in my studies, I wasn't happy. I changed my subjects. I took English Literature and Language as my major. I started enjoying what I was doing. The assignments didn't seem to bother me anymore.

I opted to pursue B.Ed. immediately after I completed my Post Graduation. I had an instinct that teaching was not my job. Still, I gave teaching a try for one year at a private school, but the experience was the worst. I dropped the idea of being a teacher forever.

After a good gap of ten long years, I realised that I miss writing. I longed to write. I started writing about everything I could. After much thought, hesitation and doubts, I decided I want to be a freelance content writer. Working as a freelancer would let me work at my convenience. And I would be doing what I love the most – Writing!

Finally, I landed the job of my fascination - Content Writing!

This was my journey in the field of content writing. I would like to ask you, why did you choose to become a content writer? What have been your reasons?

I'm asking you a straightforward and fundamental question—a question which makes a lot of sense and influences your writings.

Did you opt to become a content writer because you enjoy writing or because it is trending? Once, everyone wanted to do an MBA. They hardly thought if they wanted to make a career that needed an MBA degree or not. I remember having friends who went crazy about doing an MBA. And once they completed the degree, they went outside India and started working as Financial advisors, Market Research Analysts and whatnot. All those years of doing an MBA were wasted.

Let me explain how your reasons for becoming a content writer may affect the content you create and your scope in the field.

If you decided to be a content writer out of a love for writing, you made the right decision. Writers who enjoy writing do not restrict themselves to a specific niche. They love to explore more and take their explorations to the public. Because words fascinate them, they read about what they are unaware of and then create content that is unique and creative. And because they are open to new subjects, they have a better scope in this field.

 Research is fun for these writers. They are willing to study each subject with interest. They want to add value to the already available content. Therefore, they do their research well and create content that is informative and plagiarism free.

Writing doesn't bore these writers. They enjoy writing and can spend hours writing on different subjects.

These writers, for obvious reasons, get better work opportunities. The clients trust them and are willing to pay a good amount of money. Thus, Content writing gives them job satisfaction.

Those who decided that they wanted to become a content writer just because their siblings or friends are doing it, trust me if you do not have a passion for it, you are lost. Writing about just one subject won't take you anywhere.

You might be skilled and well informed about that one subject. However, the question remains, how much? Are you passionate enough about that one subject? For example, you feel that you can be a successful travel blogger or you can write articles for a travel company. Here is a reality check. The travel niche is split up into several sub-niches. You need to identify the one you want to excel in and go for it! Every day you need to upgrade your knowledge for that particular niche as the requirements and queries keep changing. They can be too substantial.

Furthermore, it's not only about writing a piece of content. It is about making it appealing to the global audience. You must be comfortable using WordPress, have a solid understanding of SEO, and can meet deadlines and communicate. You must be comfortable reading and re-reading your content and making changes to it. Editing and proofreading is the key element to curate quality content.

Also, if you think you can simply copy and paste content from some other article or blog because you lack knowledge about the subject, trust me it's not going to work. Plagiarism is unacceptable and reduces your worth as a content writer. The client can quickly figure out that your content is copied with the availability of endless plagiarism checking Applications. No client will ever get back to a content writer who provides copied content.

I do not mean to discourage you. What I want is for you to stop and think again. What you want to be in life. Think if you are comfortable with all that is required to be a Content Writer. Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and be prepared to do all the research work? Are you open enough to accept the positive as well as the negative feedback? Can you handle criticism? If your answer is no or you are having second thoughts. It's ok. Reconsider your decision.

Content writing is not an easy job. However, if you truly live with the passion and have the drive to do more with the words and proficiency, you are welcome to the world of Content Writers!

Harneet Kaur 

Content Specialist. Blogger