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Very Large Scale Integration Institutes In India

Very Large Scale Integration  Institutes In India

VLSI or Very Large Scale Integration is all about designing internet circuits. It is also known as chip design by many individuals. 

If you are looking for a Short Term or Full-time Course in the VLSI area, you need to learn and understand VLSI. The field is pretty Technical and based on Electronic Engineering. 

There are many Training Institutes in India for VLSI. 

To know which are these VLSI Training Institutes, check the following Information:-

VLSICHIP Technologies:

VLSICHIP Technologies is a well-known institute that brings in excellence in chip design training. The institute provides many courses, such as SAT, Physical Design, Custom Layout, etc. You will receive classes from the best instructors and gain proper knowledge and understanding of VLSI.

Lovely Professional University:

This particular institute is located in Jalandhar and has over 20 schools. The university provides the MTech degree in VLSI design, where you will learn all the important concepts of VLSI. You can also gain assessments and projects to showcase your knowledge and understanding of VLSI.

Maven Silicon:

Maven Silicon is one of the best training institutes for VLSI. You will receive job-oriented courses. These courses are based on industry requirements, and you will get the chance to use industry-standard EDA tools. The institute provides a dynamic course structure, and the courses are affordable and flexible.

RV School:

This institute will provide you with industry-oriented training and courseware on embedded systems and VLSI. You will concentrate on solving issues with the software. You will not receive a mix of modules that will cover all the design steps right from GBS to RTL. 


The VLSIGURU institute provides some of the best and affordable courses in VLSI. Some of the courses you will come across are DFT Training, Embedded Systems Training, Physical Design Training, and System Verilog. The institute is located in both Noida and Bangalore. 

Indian Institute of VLSI Design & Training:

The Indian Institute of VLSI Design and & Training provides an advanced diploma in VLSI. The course will help in augmenting and enhancing your knowledge within VLSI Design. Each of the course modules offers comprehensive training on all the aspects of VLSI Design.


This training institute will provide you with world-class training in VLSI. The institute aims to lay a foundation within the technical development of your youth. Apart from that, the institute will also help you receive an excellent understanding of the area of VLSI. 

Vector Institute:

The Vector Institute provides outstanding training within the area of VLSI and embedded systems. The training is application-oriented. It’s ideal for individuals who want a career in VLSI or wish to strengthen their knowledge within this field. 

Takshila VLSI:

Takshila VLSI will provide one of the best-embedded system training within the nation. The courses are created by some of the best instructors. Each of the modules will help you learn all the main areas of embedded systems and VLSI. You will receive the courses both in part-time and full-time options.

Sumedha VLSI:

When it comes to quality VLSI training, Sumedha institute stands out as the best choice. You will receive a stipend during the training sessions, and you can pay the fees after your placement. It’s guaranteed that you will receive a job through this institute with no issues.

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