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Top Google Tools for MBAs By by Surabhi Chourasia


Top Google Tools for MBAs 

                                                                                                        By @Surabhi Chourasia


Technology evolves incredibly quickly, and this includes the

technology used in the workplace. The question for many

attending school or planning a return to education is which

software and systems they need to understand in order to be

efficient in the workplace. After all, it is more important to be

an expert in what matters than somewhat familiar with a wide

range of tools.


The free Google tools for business are significantly helpful for

business and startup owners in this digital era. Those tools

can assist your companies in daily operation and get their

websites to appear on the top page of Google search results.

Any business needs the help of tools to ensure that their

website works in an efficient manner. The biggest advantage

of using tools is that they provide you with a new set of

functions incorporated for your website. Tools further improve

the logistics and dynamics of the website and in turn, make a

huge difference in the revenue of your company. 

So, we have come up with a list of important Google tools

that you must absolutely use to create the maximum impact.

Moreover, since all the tools mentioned here do not cost you a

dime, it makes perfect sense for you to try all of them and

eventually use the ones you like. 


Talking about the best Google business apps, many people are

familiar with Gmail and Google Drive, Google’s most trendy

free tools for communication, content production,

collaboration, and storage. Besides, Google Analytics to

improve SEO and Google Trends for a thorough insight

into global keyword trends are also popular among marketers.

In this world of entrepreneurship in a digital medium, these

tools can help you get on top of the results you expect.

It is important to make sure that your business, be it small

or big, improves and rises above your competitors. And there

is no better medium than the internet itself to improve your


Since the goal for any entrepreneur is to work smarter than

hard, these tools can help you achieve that. Whether your

business on the internet is run in the form of a blog, corporate,

news portal or an e-commerce platform, these Google tools

help your business take a new positive turn. 

Here Are 30 Essential Software Tools Future MBAs Need To


1) Google Analytics

The information or data about your business can add great

value to your business. Google Analytics helps you get all the

data you need, including web traffic on your website, making it one of the best free tools available on the internet to help you understand your growth and online presence. 

It allows you to use online analytics information to help you

improve the content you put on your website and thereby

improve user experience and optimization for better sales,

which is obviously the end goal. 

This tool enables you to find the source or the medium of the

user on your website, thus allowing you to understand if your

marketing plans have worked or not. By having this

information, you can devise new plans for your growth. 

2) Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is the younger brother of Google Analytics

that’s made for beginners who are new to using tools.

At times, you just need data shown in simple pie charts

or graphs to give you an idea about your website’s performance.

It is important that you use this data to have a better

understanding of your business and its performance.

With simple data analysis, you can easily run your small

business better.

3) Google Search Console

Once known as Google Webmaster Tools and now rebranded

to Google Search Console, this tool is perfect for webmasters.

It not only helps you in checking the indexing status but also

optimizes the visibility of your website. 

Furthermore, it is the most important tool for Search Engine

Optimization (SEO). Any entrepreneur who works with the

help of an online website would know the incredible

importance of SEO to get prospective customers to your


With this tool, you get the power to track your site’s search

performance and thus cater to the needs of your users by

providing suitable content. Once Google starts tracking your

website, you can get data on the organic search results and

their respective performance results. 

4) Google Blogger

Blogger is a free service that allows you to create and publish

blogs. Not many people know this, but Blogger is also one of

Google’s business tools. Pyra Labs developed the tool, and

Google bought it in 2003. 

Blogger is more prevalent among individuals, and not many

businesses use the site to its full potential. However, it has

some great features for creating blogs. For example, different

designs, flexible layouts, and hundreds of background pictures

are available for users to create their blogs. In addition,

Blogger allows you to save thousands of posts, images, and

other files for free with Google to save your memories.

5) Google Keyword Planner

Creating your website content without the use of relevant

keywords does no justice to your website in the long run.

To help you create content relevant to specific keywords,

you must definitely use Google Keyword Planner. It gives you

a detailed analysis of the average keyword searches on a

monthly basis and thus helps you come up with relevant data.

More than anything, it helps you create a new content

marketing strategy. 

6) Google Tag Manager

There are not many tools that help you in keeping track of

tags and code snippets, which is extremely helpful in case you

are running Facebook Ads. By using Google Tag Manager, you

can easily keep a count on the codes and tags on your mobile

app, without hitting the backend of the website. Since

Facebook Ads is already integrated with Google Tag Manager,

you can use the app with ease on your phone to get all the

information and data. 

7) Test my Site from Think with Google

If you do not have a fast website, you will not rank among the

best websites on the net. Therefore, you need to make sure

that the pages on your website load quickly. Furthermore,

since most of the traffic comes from smartphones these days,

it is important to make sure that your website is perfectly

aligned to work on a smartphone. This tool can help you do

all of that.

8) Google Pagespeed Insights

This tool is ideal for web page designers and developers, as it

allows you to better the loading time of pages. The ideal time

suggested by Google is 3 seconds to get the maximum number

of hits on your websites. Therefore, you need to start using the

Google Pagespeed Insights and check for your scores on it to

get an understanding of how optimized your page is.

9) Google Trends

This tool allows you to search for trends in your specific

region to get information on the trending topics of your area.

By having an idea about the trending topics, you can create

relevant blog posts and articles for your website.

This is perfect for news portals or websites that comment or

put their views in front of relevant topics. 

10) Google Alerts

This tool helps you get updates as soon as some news related

to the keyword comes in. You can select the keywords you

want alerts on and this tool will do the rest. Since the keyword

you choose can get used on Google multiple times a day, you

can choose the frequency at which you need to get the alerts.

It can be once a day or once a week or even every single time

it comes up. 

11)  Google Grow My Store

Google Grow My Store for businesses

Google Grow My Store is another helpful one among the

Google tools for business, especially small online retailers.

Like Google Mobile-Friendly Test, this tool also gives the retail

businesses’ websites evaluation of their performance.

However, the difference is that Mobile-Friendly Test is to test

the web site's mobile-friendliness only, whereas Google Grow

My Store will give you more than that.

12) Google Scholar

Google Scholar for businesses

Google Scholar, as the name says, is where you can find all the

scholarly publications. The tool indexes the full text or

metadata of academic literature published in various

formats and fields.

Google Scholar is considered one of the best Google tools

for a reason. 

With the tool, users can search for all kinds of academic

literature, explore relevant works and authors, create an

author profile for themselves, and check to see people

citing their works. In addition, they can do all of those things

from one sim on the Google Shopping Insights website to a

couple of locations.

13) Google AdSense

Google Adsense for businesses

Google AdSense is a Google initiative that allows website

publishers in the Google Network of content sites to show

text, picture, video, or interactive media advertisements

tailored to their sites’ content and audience. Google is in

charge of administering, sorting, and maintaining these

advertisements. Thanks to the tool, companies can create

mobile-optimized ads and make more money from their


Google Adsense offers some precious ads to increase

efficiency in businesses’ advertising. For example, it will

check your ads to ensure they have high enough quality and

related content. To get started, you only need a Google

account, phone number, postal address, and a website linked

to Adsense.

14) Google Developers

Google Developers for businesses

Google Developers offers software development tools and

platforms, as well as APIs and technical resources.

In addition, the site includes instructions on how to use Google

developer tools and APIs and discussion forums and blogs for

developers using those tools.

In addition, Google Developers provides various products that

assist businesses in building high-quality applications,

growing the number of active users, and making money

through attractive advertisements and in-app purchases.

15) Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage provides a wide range of free online

courses related to Data and Tech, Digital Marketing, and

Career Development. Industry experts, prominent

entrepreneurs, and some of the world’s most prestigious

organizations have given their approval to most of these


Google Digital Garage is a fantastic site that benefits both

employers and employees. The on-sites training courses can

help business owners learn about tools that help their

businesses succeed and improve their staff’s professional


16) Google My Business

Do you want to list business with Google? Try Google

My Business, one of the best Google’s pro-business tools.

The tool helps business owners create a business profile, including their basic info, photos, logos, customer reviews, and many more. Thanks to the profile created, new customers can learn more about the businesses.

This tool is perfect for those businesses that work from an

office. It allows you to strengthen your website using the best

SEO strategies. The information you put on this tool is what

comes up when a customer does a Google search for your

office or business on Google maps or just on Google.

Therefore, all the information you put there must be correct and updated. 

Google My Business is a free, easy-to-use, and personalized

tool with some handy features for businesses to build their

brand awareness. For example, business owners can connect

and interact with customers quickly by answering customers’

reviews, sending and receiving messages in their business

profile. In addition, a business profile is an excellent place for

businesses to showcase their products, services to customers.

17) Google For Retail

As their name says, Google for Retail is a Google app for

business, especially online retailers. The tool’s primary

purpose is to help business owners engage with customers,

build their brand, and increase revenue. 

One of the best features of Google for Retail is suggesting

solutions and tools based on users’ goals. For example,

suppose your business’s goal is to grow local sales.

In that case, Google for Retail will recommend some handy

tools like Free local product listings, Local inventory ads, or

Smart shopping campaigns. In addition, the tool integrates

with Google Search, Google Assistant, Maps, and Youtube to

help online retailers reach millions of online shoppers every


18) Grow with Google

Growing with Google ensures that everyone has access to the

possibilities offered by technology. In addition, they help

people gain the skills they need to get jobs, progress their

professions, and expand their companies by providing free

tools and training. Therefore, this tool is suitable for both

employers and employees.

Grow with Google will suggest tools and online courses to

help business owners reach their goals. For example,

for those who want to digitize their businesses, the tool can

quickly evaluate their store’s website and suggest ways to

improve it. 

19) Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is another tool that Google small

business finds extremely helpful. The tool checks and lets you

know how your business site’s performance is. In addition,

it also offers suggestions to improve and make your page faster. Thanks to this handy tool, pages are faster, thus getting a higher ranking on the Google search engine.

The process of getting your website checked up is

straightforward and fast. All you need to do is input the URL

link to your site and wait for it to give you the performance

score. After that, based on the score and suggestion from

Google PageSpeed, you can start improving your website.

20) Think With Google

Think with Google for businesses

Think With Google is another nice one among the free Google

programs for businesses. You can receive market insights,

valuable articles, research materials, case studies, various

infographics, and interviews with industry executives from

this site. In addition, it is continuously updated with a wealth

of valuable information that you can use to expand your


With Think With Google, you can do so many things.

For example, you can get the newest customer insight,

use the data to transform your marketing, find tools to make

your marketing data-driven, and many more.

21. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts was a chat software aimed at business

communication that lets users initiate and participate

in one-on-one or group text, phone, and video conversations.

You can use the tool from anywhere, on every electronic device, from mobile to desktop. Google Hangouts for mobile is available now in both IOS and Android.

Google Hangouts is a convenient tool for team meetings,

training, and discussions. The process to get started using it is

also straightforward. All you need to do is log into your

Google account, access the site, add the phone number or

contact you want to communicate with, and start using it.

22) Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the best google business apps

that many business owners and marketers have used.

The tool’s main purpose is to assist you in determining your

site’s Search traffic and performance, resolving difficulties,

and ensuring that your site shines in Google Search results. 

Google Search Console has many fantastic features for users

to improve their sites’ performance. For example,

it can integrate with Google Analytics to analyze your sites

and their position on Google search.

In addition, you will receive notification if there is a problem

with your websites and advice on how to fix it.

23) Google for Startups

Google for Startups is a fantastic Google tool for new

business owners. Its goal is to help people build and grow

their startups. What Google for Startups does is suggest

relevant tools to help startup owners in different aspects.

For example, it recommends Google Ads and Google Optimize

to launch ads and improve ads performance regarding brand

and marketing.

This tool is one of the best Google apps for startups for a

reason. It has supported a vast number of startups worldwide,

creating 130 thousand jobs, and raising $6.7 billion in funding

in 2020.

24) Google Shopping Insights

As a smaller part of Think With Google, Google Shopping

Insights is a free tool that compiles data from all of the

Google Shopping network’s brands and consumer

shopping-related search inquiries.

This site is a guide for business owners and marketers to

customers’ shopping journey. As a result, companies

can have more profound insights into customer behaviors,

and improve ads performance regarding brand and marketing,

thanks to Google Shopping Insights.

You can find many articles and case studies about marketing

strategies and customers’ insights on the Google Shopping

Insights website. Besides, other relevant statistics,

research, and data are also available for users to get to know

their customers better.

25 Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a Google tool for businesses, which is

included in Google Marketing Platform. It allows you to test

different web page variations to evaluate how they perform

against a set of goals. After that, the program keeps track of

your experiment’s outcomes and tells you which version is the

clear winner.

You may test new website designs, layouts, and content with a

portion of your users by conducting experiments in Optimize.

Instead of depending on intuition and opinion to identify the

optimal page or site design, you can run a study that compares

several techniques with real-world users and produces data

that is easy to read and comprehend.

26) Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform for businesses

Google Marketing Platform is an advertising and analytics

platform that helps marketers make better decisions and get

better outcomes. It includes several free, easy-to-use local

business apps for small businesses and some advanced tools

for larger businesses. These apps help companies build

stronger customer relationships and improve marketing

outcomes with extensive advertising and analytics tools.

Google Marketing Platform can also integrate with other tools

in Google for organization, such as Google Analytics, Data

Studio, and many more, to bring out the best results for your


27) Gmail

Hardly is there anyone not knowing about Gmail, a free and

worldwide popular email service from Google. Obviously,

many people use Gmail, but not all of them know about all

the great features of this tool. For example, you can take

actions like viewing attachments, RSVP-ing, or snoozing

messages in the app without opening emails.

In addition, Gmail is also one of the safest email tools with

the feature of blocking dangerous emails. Besides, Gmail

users can set reminders to follow up on communications and

react to them so that nothing falls through the cracks.

28) Google Workspace

Google Workspace for businesses

Google Workspace is a set of cloud computing, productivity,

collaboration technologies, and software and products.

It provides a creative way to increase the productivity of team

collaboration. The website was formerly named G Suite and

includes different Google tools for business collaboration,

such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheet, Meet, and many more.

Google Workspace is currently free for every user. However, it

also offers some paid plans with more convenient features for

businesses. In addition, every plan has a 14-day trial use so

that users can see if the program suits their businesses.

 29) Google AI

People at Google AI work on research to enhance the field’s

state-of-the-art, apply AI to products and new areas, and

provide tools to guarantee that everyone has access to AI.

Using Google AI, business owners can put Google’s artificial

intelligence into application, making their businesses function

more smoothly and discovering new ways to satisfy consumers.

In addition, the Google AI site has a blog site on various topics,

such as introducing new AI products, recent AI-related

research or knowledge, and many more.

30)  Market Finder

Market Finder is a free Google tool that assists you in

expanding your business into overseas markets. Market

Finder is separated into three areas, each of which provides

tailored market insights to assist you in determining which

markets to target, setting up your operations, and marketing

your business in new markets recommended by Market Finder.

The way Market Finder works is straightforward. First, you

give the link to your company’s website, from which the tool

will extract the product categories you sell or the services you

provide. Then, market Finder will produce your suggested

markets based on this. The working process is divided into

three stages: looking for new opportunities, making a strategy

for your operations, and promoting your company.

The software tools we’ve mentioned are invaluable whether

you use them to improve your own productivity or end up

using them in the workplace. Master these online tools, and

you’ll be ready to advance to the next level. 

Surabhi Chourasia (MBA)

Marketing Manager

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd