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To Build a Successful MBA Career through Networking by Kashish Nagle

To Build a Successful MBA Career through Networking – 

by @Kashish Nagle

Tips and Tricks

The most essential objective of an MBA education is to network feverishly and to get to know as many people as possible. Now, when I say networking, I mean it in the genuine sense and not acquiring contacts for the sole motive of using them. Genuine networking happens when you are truly interested in getting to know the opposite person and looking for ways to help him/her out regardless of personal benefit. Such networking helps in not only professional enrichment but also personal enrichment.


My Strategy Consists of 4 Steps:







Find sources that will help you to identify your targets.


It is essential to create a list with your targets, but how do you contact someone if you do not know their name? Identify the networks that the target contacts may be located in. By identifying the relevant networks regarding your final goal, you will determine “the sources” where you can find who you are looking for.


Try to use different tools to list these networks.


Here are some examples:

1. Google

2. LinkedIn

3. Facebook

4. Twitter

5. Blogs (preferably specialized) such as Medium

6. Articles

7. Interview

8. Personal websites



Contact your targets either via email or during an event.


You now have a list of targets. It is time to contact them! You may want to consider multiple strategies such as:

1. Direct email

2. Meet as a business event

3. Direct message through a social network.

Feel free to use the method you are the most comfortable with. I recommend the first 2 methods as the last one could be perceived as “intrusive”, more specifically if, for example, you connect via Facebook.


Prepare your goals, questions and your story.

1.     Define your goal: why do you want to meet your target? To learn from their experience? To know more about the company/industry? etc.

2. Prepare questions: I usually structure an informal meeting in three parts:

a. Get to know the target: experience, position, education and professional background, etc.

b. Learn more about the company and its industry.

c. The reason why you are in front of your contact: recruiting plan of     the company, profiles and positions the company is looking to fill, other contacts they can introduce you to, etc.

3. Know your target and yourself: I refer to Step 2 Connect, listed above.

Note that the first 2 steps are essential to break the ice and benefit from the experiences of your contact.

The more you give, the more you receive!


Follow up

1. How did you first contact your person of interest, i.e. social network, cold call, event, etc.?

2. When and where did you meet your target?

3. What do you remember from the meeting?

Write down everything, any details you captured, even the number of children. This information can be useful when you meet this individual again: “How are your children doing?”, “How was your last trip?” etc.

4. What are the next steps? Do you plan to contact the target back? Did you both agree on meeting again?

5. Contact details: Name of the company, email address, etc.

  Kashish Nagle [MBA]

Marketing Manager