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Tips and Advice for Business Entrepreneurs By Harneet Kaur

Tips and Advice for Business Entrepreneurs

By Harneet Kaur 

Have a Solid Business Plan 

Work on Financial Challenges

Be Frugal 

Remember You're a Start-Up

Don't be Afraid to ask for Help.  

Put your Faith in a Trusted Mentor.  

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget.  

Look after Number One

Build a Team that shares Your Vision

Entrepreneurship is trending. You may find Entrepreneurship tempting to try with all the successful stories flooding social media. Reading all the success stories can be misleading. The path to being a successful Entrepreneur isn't as easy as it seems to be. There is quite a list of things that you need to be clear about. Learning from your business guru can be a blessing. However, if you do not have one, just read through the below for some handy tips.

  1. Do what you truly believe in. 

No business can ever flourish if the founder himself lacks confidence in it. If you do not have faith in your product, no consumer will have faith in it. There will be moments of appreciation and then criticism too. If you do not love what you do, don’t do it. As an Entrepreneur, you will be investing a lot of energy and time in your business. If it bores you or leaves you mentally frustrated, there is not much in it for you then. But on the other hand, if you are passionate about your work, it won’t frustrate you. You might be stressed out at times but the whole thing won’t seem like a sacrifice or burden. Coming up with new ideas and facing challenges will be thrilling if you truly enjoy your work.

2. Be open to learning

As an Entrepreneur, you will make mistakes. There will be decisions that will go wrong. Do not give up. Do not shy away from taking the responsibility for a wrong decision or failed attempt. Learn from your mistakes. The process of making your mistake in a learning lesson is important in becoming a successful Entrepreneur. Many great ideas are never executed because of fear of failure. Don’t be afraid to fail. A lot of new Entrepreneurs keep reading about success stories, listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos to learn. However, they fear implementing these learnings in their work. Overcome the fear. Learn and learn to execute.

3. Plan your finances.   

Your money is important, spend wisely. Set up a budget. It is fundamental to any financial plan.  Business requires tools for marketing. These tools are pretty costly.  As an Entrepreneur, you need to analyse and decide which tool works best for you. Not all tools fit your requirements. Choose your tool wisely. Also, understand how to manage your taxes. There are many provisions for Entrepreneurs and freelancers to help them file Income taxes and Save taxes. 

4. Build a strong Team.

Your ideas are great. You are all set to execute your idea. But for this, you need to have a strong team. Having a strong team saves you a lot of energy and time. Your team must specialise in the skills required in your business. The expectations and requirements must be established from day one. Communicate with your team and be open to their ideas, suggestions and opinions. Not only to these but be open to their complaints too. You must understand that a healthy environment is a must for a business to flourish. A workplace where team members are in a comfortable zone with each other tends to bring in profitable output. Consider expressing your appreciation for their hard work. It’s easy to let go of a team member. However, it's hard to find a member that can be an asset to your company. 

5. Ask for Customers' Reviews.

Stop assuming what your customers are looking for. Ask your customers directly. When you take their reviews seriously, you tend to work hard to improve your customer service. This is an essential part of your business. Also, to promote your business without actually investing a fortune in the marketing campaign, make sure your products are speaking for themselves.  Your customers will tend to promote these for you. Customers who are writing reviews or forums for you are loyal to your brand. You can trust them for a long-lasting relationship. Also, they are improving your organic search ranking for SEO. 

A lot of hard work, perseverance and vision goes into making a business successful. As a start-up do not hesitate to ask for help. You may consult a business nearby, a bank manager, and Social media forums or community for quality suggestions and opinions. Apart from all these tips, do not forget to safeguard your business. Consult an insurer who can help you with the best-suited plan for you and your business. This will be one of the best decisions you make as an Entrepreneur.

Harneet Kaur 

Content Specialist. Blogger