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Blogging: One of the Many Smart Choices of Today’s Woman By Pragya Dhar

 Blogging: One of the Many Smart Choices of Today’s  Woman

By Pragya Dhar 

Blogging actually  started off with penning down thoughts. 

Once upon a time people used to journal their daily activities  and events in a diary, out of their love for writing.  Gradually these passionate writers decided to explore more options when it came to expressing their thoughts and opinions and chose to write on various  subjects on different  platforms. 

At first these were published in the form of books or found their due positions in the special  columns of the newspapers. But with the growing significance  of social  media in peoples' lives these expression of thoughts started taking place  on various such platforms , thus giving birth to a special  term called ‘Blogging'.

What started out as an informal way of thinking and penning down, became more commercial  as it started to reach out to a lot of people of different  age groups, sex and locations.

These passionate  writers earned a special  name called Bloggers and started earning an increasing  amount of social  acceptance as a professional inviting and engaging more readers than ever  before.

The last few years have seen tough phases that gave birth to financial, physical, emotional as well as psychological insecurities.  Unavoidable restrictions and related difficulties led to an extremely  unstable  work life including many losing their well cushioned jobs quite unexpectedly resulting in a lot of demotivation and an inability to choose the right directions to move forward.

Nevertheless, as every dark phase has a bright light somewhere giving rise to some hope ,these phase too encouraged people  specially  women  to find out opportunities to prosper in their lives, from the  comforts  of their four walls, with a gradual precedence  of the ‘work from home’ culture.

There were many individuals  including married women , specially mothers belonging to  various  age brackets and coming from different  backgrounds, who were unable to leave their homes, having multiple responsibilities, and spend a major part of their days in office cubicles or in other workplaces doing a regular 10am to 6pm shifts.

They were no less educated or capable  than their working professional counterparts, yet they either lacked the support system required to work outside for long hours or they simply lost their confidence  to do so , or they wanted to be self employed but did not know the right tools to get started  with a proper plan.

However, as more and more people  from the professional  world started taking  advantage  of the virtual  media to continue their respective jobs from their homes, these women also decided to venture out like never before, towards self independence and...

now, Blogging decides to help them in it’s own way.

There may have been teachers who wished to teach students of different  classes from various corners of the world, though not engaged to any educational  institution.

There may have been smart young entrepreneurs  who are wanting the world to explore their  business  ideas  through unique  products or services.

Or may be a woman who decides to unleash her creativity  through different  mediums, thus considering the world as her stage.

All the individuals  above, could successfully  reach out through a simple  tool called Blogging done in a commercial  manner. 

Every tool has its specific  knowhow that needs to be followed to achieve the expected result. If these women can explore and adapt to the various  nuances of commercial  Blogging on multiple social platforms, their expertise can be known to  innumerable  groups of people who in turn might consciously or unconsciously spread the information to others as well. 

Blogging interests people, it connects a  lot of people from  all over the world, completely unrelated to  each other, but who might be quite happy to get acquainted  for mutual benefits.

Any new idea or a new thought or an innovative  step needs some validation  from the prospective  market. The best way to  engage most number  of people and their opinions in a limited span of time, is through an attractive content armoured by  a straightforward  expression  in a simple language.

So folks! It’s time we gear up to welcome more and more independent  women who dare to fly while taking recourse through mindful expression  called Blogging.

As we said in the beginning all starts with making one of many smart choices in her life by a woman , ready to prove her mettle. 

Key points to Consider for Smart    Woman Bloggers:

Decide atleast one Niche that you like to write upon.

Add 3–5 Categories initially and build Content Around it.

You can add different Topics but relevant to your Niche.

Slowly and gradually when your Blog gains some traction then introduce more Categories, if you want to.

4 Steps of Winning

#Ignore  #Laugh #Fight

#Win [Set an Example]


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